9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Dating Her

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Love its one of the most magical feelings in the entire world. There is simply nothing else like love. For some, love may be the best thing that has ever happened to them, but for others, love may not be as beneficial as one would think it is. The uncertainty about whether a relationship would work out, not knowing whether a partner is truly in love with you and not really knowing who you are dating all of these thoughts and feelings can be quite confusing and make you want to run away from love, but when things do work out, love can be truly amazing and lead to a happier, more satisfying life.

According to Statistic Brain, more than half of all adults in the United States are in a relationship at any given time. Unfortunately, even though millions enter new relationships each day, millions of couples also break up on a daily basis. On average, it takes around 15 minutes to make an impression on a man and up to an hour to make an impression on a woman. This might be an adequate amount of time to make a first impression, but it surely is not enough time to fall in love and after that in loveperiod, often called the honeymoon phase, comes the time when two partners truly get to know each other. When that honeymoon phase has passed this is when many relationships end up failing. Partners may also start to suffer from a low libido as they are not in love as they were during the honeymoon phase, which means sex frequency may be reduced and the one partner who still maintains a high libido may find that their partner is now unable to satisfy their needs.

Signs That You May Need To Stop Dating Her

The Date Report explains that we sometimes go on a date and almost immediately realize that things are not going to work out. It is something that comes natural and cannot truly be learned as a skill. You simply know that a second date would be completely out of the question. Other times, things may seem to work out and you may even start to get serious about that person you met, but as time goes on, you may notice that the connection you have shared in the beginning is starting to go away.

Sometimes, this may only be due to the fact that the honeymoon phase is passing, but other times, it may be due to the fact that you and your partner is simply not meant to be. Lets take a look at some important signs to look out for that tells you that you should rather end your relationship than wait for things to resolve itself as you and your partner may simply be wasting each others time.

1. Experimenting In The Bedroom Does Not Seem Adventurous Anymore

Experimenting with different sex moves in the bedroom is very important for many couples. It helps to keep their time in the bedroom freshand exciting. Whether experimenting with different moves or perhaps different forms of sex, such as tantric sex, when it seems like these experiments are not giving you that thrill anymore, it might be a sign that the two of you does not have the connection you had during the honeymoon phase, which means there may not be a real future for the two of you or at least for your time in the bedroom.

2. She Doesnt Seem To Care About You The Way She Did Before

At the beginning of a relationship, two people adore everything about each other. Time goes by and they enter the honeymoon phase. During this phase, the two still enjoys spending time with each other and loves each other to bits. Even after the honeymoon phase, the two should still want to spend time together and continue caring for each other. If it seems like she just doesnt care anymore, however, then it might be a sign that things have gotten to the point of no return.

3. She Puts You Last On Her List Of Priorities

Apart from feeling like she does not care about you the way she did before, you may also start to notice that you are not her top priority anymore. While it is normal for her to spend time with her family and friends, you should not put up with someone who never seems to have time for you, but always seem to have time for everyone else in her life. Instead of thinking about ways to get back to her, like having sex with older women, rather end the relationship before you do anything drastic this will ensure you keep your side clean.

4. Date Night Is Becoming More Awkward Every Time

Most couples find that making at least one night every week a date nighthas a significantly positive effect on their relationship. It helps the two reconnect and share some intimate time together. When date nights seem to be getting worse and more awkward every time, however, then it might be a sign that things are not working out anymore and the future you hoped for may not be there anymore.

5. Flirting Does Not Seem To Affect Her Anymore

Couples tend to flirt with each other continuously. Even those who have been together for a considerable amount of time find that flirting is a great way to get each other aroused and to make sex more spicy. For some couples, however, flirting may not seem like something that gets things goinganymore. This can, unfortunately, be a sign that the relationship is not working anymore.

6. She Suggests Not Being ExclusiveAnymore

When a relationship starts to go downwards, the two partners usually start to grow apart from each other. Soon, it may start to feel like they do not truly know each other anymore. This may lead your partner to suggest that the two of you should try not to be exclusivefor a while this is a definite sign that she is ready to move on.

7. Her Facebook Status Still Says Single

In todays world, Facebook plays an important role in the lives of many people. One particular part of a persons bio plays a particular part in their relationship it is that relationship statuspart of their bio. For most people, it is important to change their Facebooks relationship status to in a relationshipinstead of to single. When your partner does not want to change her relationship status and comes up with many different excuses as to why she wants to keep that line single, then it could also be a sign that she isnt really that into you.

8. The Thought Of Spending Time With Her Worries You

Spending time with your partner should be something that makes you excited whether it is simply a day at the mall, going to the movies or, of course, during date night. When it seems like you become more worried than excited when such a time is approaching, then it is a sign that you are not comfortable in her presence anymore.

9. Its Hard To Think About Topics To Talk About

Lastly, we should note that it is important to have open communication between you and your partner. There should always be topics that can be discussed between the two of you even the smaller, less significant topics do count. If you find that not you or your partner is able to think about topics that you can talk about, then you might have become bored with each other and there may not be much use in continuing the relationship.


When we fall in love, our world changes. We see the entire world in a happier and more satisfying way. During the first few months of being in love with someone new, things always seem to be perfect and to be working out perfectly, but after the honeymoon phase ends, many people find that they are unable to continue in the relationship due to many problems arising since the truth about both partners start to show up. In this article, we shared some important signs that may provide you with proof that you may need to end your relationship before you get too comfortable with someone you do not see a future with. 

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