A 7 Step Process to Find the Perfect Apartment for Rent

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Are you looking for a perfect apartment for rent? Well, whether you are a new to this thing and about to live on your own for the first time or you have already done this before and now looking for a rental in a new area, preparation is must. Although finding the right apartment isn’t an easy task, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Once you have figured out what you want and how much you can afford, it’s only a matter of time when you find that perfect apartment.

So, we are presenting you with seven steps to make your apartment hunting process a smooth one while finding an ideal apartment for yourself:


1. Determine your Affordability

Before you start looking for apartments, take your time and update your personal budget. It will help you figure out your price range and where you can cut back if you get interested in a pricier apartment. Minutely check your income and expenses and detail them down to the cents for both fixed and variable costs.

2. Get Renters Insurance

If you ever suffer from a break in or lose your valuables or even if you damage the property, renters insurance will cover them all. It is usually required by a landlord, although at some places you may even get a choice. But worry not, renters insurance is quite affordable which depends upon geographical location.

3. Get a Credit Check

Landlords usually run credit checks in order to get an idea if there are any severe issues with the potential tenants. Apart from these credit runs, expect a background check too. Although landlords are going to run these checks, you should request your own credit report. This is not only costless to you but will also let you know of any potential roadblocks.

4. Start the Hunting

Are you thinking of doing the apartment hunting only when the final time comes? If you are, do not! It should be months before your move date. When looking for apartments, focus on the prices of the rent house apartment,convenience in terms of amenities, safety of neighborhood and availability of transport.

5. Documentation

Some landlords may even ask for extra documentation in addition to background and credit checks. A letter of employment printed on company letterhead with all your employment information, duly signed by your supervisor is one such document that your landlord needs to know you can make monthly payments. A reference letter from your previous landlords, tax returns if you are self employed and pay stubs are all these kinds of documents.

6. Have a Walk-through

Once you have checked out everything, do a final walk through before confirming anything. There could be some damage done by previous tenants, so check the lights, faucets, smoke alarms, appliances, door, windows, flush toilet, floors, walls and for any insect infection. If there are any problem areas, click a picture, show them to the landlord and save for any future reference.

7. Sign the Lease

Do not sign a lease, before reading it. These agreements vary that depends on contract terms and time frame. A fixed term lease is the most common one that is for a fixed period whereas periodic lease will be good for shorter durations.

By doing proper homework and gathering all the knowledge and documentation beforehand, you can successfully find a perfect rental apartment for yourself.

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