A Complete Parenting Guide on Choosing the Best Joolz Pram for Your Kids

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A pram or stroller or pushchair is one of the most important and basic necessities for today’s busy parents. A pram is unquestionably the most frequently used and indispensable baby gear items that every parent needs for their little monsters. Generally, baby strollers come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and with every necessary feature that you want in a pram. 

For instance, from active and all-terrain strollers, easy to handle, lightweight ones, sturdy, classic carriage prams, and much more. It’s no wonder that shopping for one that is the best Joolz pram can often be an overwhelming experience, especially for the first time parents (new parents). 

Usually, some spend relatively short time in prams, so you have to be sure that your baby will enjoy it while it lasts. So, if you are thinking about what type of pram to buy for your child, you should keep in mind the most important considerations such as, your needs, your baby’s needs, the purpose of strolling, and your general lifestyle. You need a pram that will keep your baby safe, comfortable and also fit in your budget.  

Baby gear shops are full with so many types and models of prams. So, finding the right one that fits in all above-mentioned elements can be a real challenge. But Baby Direct will help you to find the best one from below listed types of prams.   

1. Standard Prams : Standard prams come in many different styles and designs, but will almost always have a comfortable padded seat that can recline into different positions. Most of the standard prams have sunshade or canopy and wonderful storage area that are present under the seat. 

It’s more heavy-duty and more comfortable than lightweight umbrella prams. These prams are also featured with ergonomic handlebars which typically has a cup holder. These strollers are the ideal choice for those parents who frequently go for outings. 

2. Car seat pram frames : These are lightweight metal frames, which are specially designed to carry specific types of infant car seats. These pram frames allow you to remove the car seat from its base in the car and snap it into the stroller frame and roll as per your need. In fact, these frames are very easy to fold and take very less space in your car. Furthermore, if you want to lift these frames, it is very convenient, especially when you need to take your sleeping baby out of the back seat.

3. Travel systems : Travel systems are one of the most convenient innovations. These are the best options for new parents because of the comfort it provides. These are basically standard prams with an included infant car seat and base, which is called the bassinet. The car seat stays in the car and the seat fits into the pram, so you can easily take your baby from the car to the stroller without disturbing him or her when he or she is taking a good nap.   

4. Lightweight prams : Generally, lightweight prams come with wonderful features such as easy to fold, easy to store in less space, and, as their name suggests, very light in weight. These lightweight strollers are sometimes called umbrella strollers. Only due to the fact that they are easy to fold and can be carried around. These strollers are highly preferred by those parents who need to carry up the stroller on the stairs and who have little space in their car and their home.

5. Jogging prams : These prams are also recognized as joggers in the market. These are specially designed for those moms who wants to stay in shape after having the baby and also for those parents who wants to go for regular jogging while taking care of their babies at the same time. Their larger wheels make it easier to push on various terrains. Moreover, these prams have a unique sleeker frame that other prams do not have and they also have a handbrake in addition to a foot-operated parking brake. 

6. Double and Triple Prams : These are best for those parents who have more than one young child. Due to their tandem design, one child sits behind the other. These strollers are light in weight, but are made with excellent quality sturdy materials. These prams are typically equipped with heavy duty frame, easy braking system, and storage options. Moreover, they have a double wheel lock for safety. 


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