A Few Reasons Why Positive Guided Meditation is so Awesome!

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Modern, fast-paced lifestyles can be very stressful. According to official reports, these days, chronic stress is becoming ever more popular.

With many people within the USA, confirming that their stress levels have further increased in the last five years. (1)

But now, you can relax, because real help is on the way!

Meditation, previously considered to be an ancient, outdated practice, is justly enjoying increased recognition for it’s now proven stress reduction effects. Meditation allows people to train their minds to easily detach from unhelpful stress feelings.

And, of course, stress reduction is vital for health improvement.

There are many meditation techniques, almost all, providing great health benefits sooner or later. For instance, Vipassana, Mantra meditation, Christian meditation, Buddhist meditation, and Sufi meditation techniques.

It’s not necessary to be part of any particular religion to reap the benefits though. Because we now know that it’s more about mastering mental techniques which calm ‘fight and flight’ or the stress response. Fortunately, these days non-religious meditation and relaxation techniques are becoming cheaper and easier to access. (2)

Positive, guided meditation, also known as guided relaxation, rapidly leads a person to achieve health advantage, including turning down ‘fight and flight’. And because it’s guided you know you on the fastest and most effective route.

Positive, guided relaxation accurately benefits people in many different ways – including personal growth and development, healing, relaxation, pain reduction, resilience to bullying, anxiety reduction, improving creative thinking patterns etc.

It’s deceptively easy!

With the help of positive guided relaxation, practitioners can reliably find inner peace, detach from unwanted external pressure or influences, purify their mind of negative thoughts, just by following a few gentle words, imagining, visualizing or feeling within a state of relaxation.

Regular positive guided relaxation also helps people get rid of those destructive or stressful negative thought loops.

And once negative thoughts are gone, imagine rediscovering all of your extra energy, which had previously been tied up with the ‘fight and flight’ response, and is now freely available to use in any way you choose.

Without stress and negative thoughts in your life, you’ll save on medical bills because many modern illnesses are caused by chronic stress turning off the natural repair systems in the body.

This is because, it’s either ‘fight and flight’, or relax and repair, within our bodies, not both! 

So, you can now choose, and once relaxation happens, well, that’s where all the ‘miracle cures’ occur. Of course they’re not really miracle cures, just an individuals repair systems being allowed to function at their best because chronic stress has now gone.

Thanks to modern technology, positive guided meditation, and relaxation, in general, has never been simpler or easier to get hold of. You can use mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet. One such app is Thought Wave Pro, written and edited by a medical doctor, and already benefitting patients within the clinical setting.

So, go ahead, download you free guided meditation app today, for reduced stress, anxiety, blood sugar levels, improved immunity, tissue regeneration, and digestion.

By downloading this amazing app, you can improve your life in more ways than can possibly be anticipated.

So, now you know, just download the app!

My gift to humanity!

(1)    http://www.apa.org/monitor/2011/01/stressed-america.aspx

(2)    http://liveanddare.com/types-of-meditation


By Dr Leanne Lawrence


For more information visit here www.thoughtwavespro.com


Article Resource From https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/few-reasons-why-positive-guided-meditation-so-awesome-rajay-yadav

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