A Guide for Smarter Shirt Shopping

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The formal shirts are the most versatile attire that has adapted to the ongoing trends of men’s fashion. They are an integral component of a man’s wardrobe. In the recent times, the style of shirts has evolved with a shift of paradigm from basic to modern patterns and designs. They are primarily designed to be worn with a tie and a jacket. The transition of shirts has been fascinating for the connoisseurs of fashion. It has emerged as a fashionable garment in the contemporary times. If you are looking to buy shirts for men in a stylish pattern, here is an essential guide to be followed:

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Start With the Fit:

The fit of a shirt has a deep impact on your overall looks. There are many elements defining the concept of a perfect fit. Your comfort is a primary concern. If you like to stay relaxed in a formal shirt, you can opt for the classic fit characterized by its tailored silhouette and a boxier shape. It suits almost every body shape and looks perfect under a jacket. On the other hand, slim fit shirts are ideal for the men having a slimmer shape. You can wear them even without a jacket. However, a slim fit shirt is more about fashion and it is not necessarily comfortable. To get the best of both these options, you can opt for the contemporary fit having a tapered silhouette with smaller back darts.

The Fabric and Colour are Important:

The colour of a shirt is the first thing that people notice about you. Hence, it is imperative to make the right selection in this regard. White is the most common and highly preferred colour in the shirts for men. With the changing trends, colours like blue, gray, navy, gold, and pink have also emerged on this landscape. These colours have a great accent and look stylish even as the solids. Another important factor is the fabric of the shirt. Preferably, choose the fabric according to your comfort and occasion. The high-quality cotton fabric is the most preferred option in the luxury shirts. You can choose between cotton and blended fabrics for making the right statement.

Choose the Right Pattern:

The pattern of a shirt should be selected wisely to suit your style statement. Solid is the simplest pattern that allows you to play with the weave. A solid shirt helps in highlighting the right aspects of your overall attire. Stripes are a less formal than the solid shirt. It adds panache to your look on any formal occasion. Checks is the best pattern for casual dressing. It makes a great combination with a solid suit and a silk tie.  For versatility in your outfit, you should select the right type of shirt with your suit.    

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