A Review on Shameless: Not Just Another Drama TV Series

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Shown on Showtime in 2011, U.S. series that’s formerly a British series share the same rough plot with each other of people engaged in “shameless” and rowdy actions (hence the title of the work). With the U.S. version, Shameless stars the Gallagher Clan from Chicago. This tv series offers a lot to unpack in a single sitting. Their family is impoverished and the family members are themselves misfits in their own town. They’re constantly dealing with their own nurtured bad behavior, which undermines their better efforts or happens because of them (because no good deed comes unpunished). Warning: There are spoilers in this review.


What to Expect and Things of Note


  • Starring and Some Such in the Gallagher Family: The show stars William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher (the father), Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher (eldest daughter), Jeremy Allen White as Philip Gallagher or Lip (second eldest), Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher (middle child), Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher (second youngest), and many different kids as Liam Gallagher (the youngest child). You have a mix of veteran actors and some young up-and-comers in the titular “Shameless” family.


  • Perfect Translation and Localization: Not since The Office has there been a close cultural translation of the original. Even the U.S. version of The Office takes some liberties in order for Americans to better relate to the show compared to the much more cynical original. In the case of the Showtime version of Shameless, every bit of cynicism and satire is there, making it biting and real. American audiences can relate to it even without a British sense of humor because of the humanity of the family they’re watching.


  • Loads and Loads of Supporting Characters: Like The Simpsons, the show has loads of noteworthy supporting characters such as Justin Chatwin’s Steve (the boyfriend of Fiona), Joan Cusack’s Sheila Jackson (the love interest of Frank), Emma Greenwell’s Mandy Milkovich (Lip’s love interest and Mickey’s troubled sister), Noel Fisher’s Mickey Milkovich (Ian’s love interest and the neighborhood bully), and Steve Howey’s Kevin Ball and Shanola Hampton’s Veronica Fisher (the married neighbors of the Gallaghers).


  • What’s so Shameless About Them: The show features award-winning performances by William H Macy as Frank (although it’s a shame that standout Emily Rossum hasn’t gotten even an Emmy nomination in her role as Fiona) dealing with abusive parents (from Frank’s mother and the grandma of the kids to Frank himself being neglectful and being abusive to his children). Mandy and Mickey Milkovich’s father is even more shameless, raping Mandy to the point of impregnation in Season 2. You can watch all these TV series online on Megashare.




They’re the perfect equivalents of their Manchester counterparts due to their rough environment and pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps kind of family. It satirizes and reflects what has happened to the American Family in the 21st Century. It features dark or gallows humor and is both a comedy and a drama. There are also intense scenes, like Terry forcing Mickey to have sex with a hooker at gunpoint while Ian watched after catching the two boys in the act of sex themselves. That’s just touching the surface of the twists and turns that this series has that deals with dysfunction in a harsh but engaging light.

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