A Sharon Eiger project – The house opposite the orchard

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A contractor model becomes a design house. The interior design opened various of spaces and gave an atmosphere of great space, pleasant and dramatic. The entrance path was built from wood-paneled steps leading to a well-designed lobby. In front of the entrance was designed a hovering wall that hides behind a staircase. The design of the kitchen took advantage of the space below the top stairs and the location of the high cabinets


The kitchen surface is made of stainless steel and is a perfect contrast to the dark wooden floor on the floor. An ordinary niche in the public space turned into a wall covered with black iron slabs, including a modern fireplace that distributes heat and a multimedia system to the public space


A wall separating the steps of the staircase was removed and replaced by an iron railing with a wooden cover that opened and ventured the stairwell in front of a long window overlooking the pleasant garden. On the upper floor, the bedroom was expanded and combined with the closet room, creating a space for a master suite with a private bathroom and unique concrete tiles


An old wooden door dismantled, bought from a flea market, restored and redesigned as a double entrance door to the bedroom. Long white curtains spilling onto the floor give the house a romantic, soft look that creates a contrast to the iron wall


The house creates a family atmosphere and mixes modern and rural styles into a design harmony.

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