A Splendid Holiday in Italy

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Italy may be shaped like a boot, but the country is filled with a multitude of cities and towns, which are all waiting to be explored.  Many people will plan a trip to Italy, because of the attractions in Italy, but also because it is the perfect spot for a holiday destination.  

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and while it is separated from the mainland of Italy, it is still full of adventure and excitement.  Anyone who ventures to Sicily will find history and art combined, whether they stop at the Baroque churches or the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.  However, the attraction in Sicily that is the most popular is Mount Etna.  Mount Etna is an active volcano that is the tallest volcano in Europe and many people find that they want to get as close to this volcano as possible.  

The Blue Trail connects all five villages in Cinque Terre and this trail is quite easy to walk along.  The steep cliffs, beautiful landscape, and old buildings draw people to the area, especially those who are looking for authentic Italian traditions.  

Milan is the only place where people can catch a glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting as well as the La Scala Opera House, the world’s largest cathedral, and the Castello Sforzesco.  Milan is also one of the most famous fashion centers and is filled with designer shops that feature the newest styles.  

People looking to have a splendid holiday in Italy do not need to look much further than the Amalfi Coast.  The beaches are lined with pebbles, the water is bluer than blue, and the mountains create the perfect backdrop for pictures, picnics, and more.  Each town along the coast is unique and some have plazas filled with restaurants while others are known for their gardens and magnificent art galleries.  


These are only a few of the cities and towns that are filled with amazing attractions and local cultures and traditions.  Anyone who is planning a trip to Italy will want to try to visit these places, either during this vacation or one in the future.  After all, a holiday in Italy can happen more than once in a person’s lifetime.  



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