Accessorize instead of Exercise!!!

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Chocolate and flowers die and get eaten, but jewelry is forever. Absolutely correct! But don’t you think is life is too small to wear same boring jewelry!!? I know jewelry is not a t-shirt or top that can be purchased in bulk and quite frequently or can be thrown also if not required anymore. But the same you can never do with your jewelry, or should I say at least with your original jewelry!

Fully agree.. But everything comes with their expiry date, even humans too. Then why not jewelry!? Not saying to throw the original and too much expensive jewelry but at least wear it then. But there are so many problems associated with it – like not wearing it on daily basis because of the fear of theft or these are too heavy and gaudy that it become uncomfortable and weird to carry daily. Also as time passes, wind of new trend blows, and going with the flow, you change your clothes, style, hairstyle and much more. Then how that old and out of trend jewelry will go with your new dashing mode!?

But due to the frequently changing trends and increasing cost of jewelry, one can hardly bear to buy new pieces regularly. Two solutions for this problem are: – artificial jewelry and imitation jewelry. Former one screams about its cheap quality and true identity, while the later one is something that the other person can easily mistaken as original jewelry. The way and with the amount of preciseness they are prepared is commendable, and due to this fact only one cannot distinguish easily between imitation jewelry and an original piece of jewelry.

Accessories works as vitamins for women. It’s easy to ask a woman to stop gossiping for 7 days rather than asking them to lock all their accessories in a box for even 3 days! After all, before jewelry, women themselves are beautiful creature made by God. So this dutiful and beautiful creature has all the rights to spread her aura even more.

Want to see a precious smile on a woman face but don’t have money to give her real gold, diamond or pearl? Give her a box full of accessories – worry not! As even this full box will come under your budget. Give her so many American diamond necklace set rather a single nosepin, give her a beautiful and trendy bajuband instead of a branded watch or expensive bangles and bracelets. A watch can only give a stylish or a formal look but a bajuband can give a royal look, a traditional look, a classy look and even an exotic look too! 

Just set your own style statement, and don’t bound yourself because of the money issue. Life has all the solutions, and now-a-days humans are witty enough. If a human can bring a substitute of daily calculation as computer, substitute of human as robot then bringing imitation jewelry as a substitute of original and expensive fashion jewellery shouldn’t be a shock for anyone!

My mother always says “wearing a strong piece of jewelry.. makes me feel like I have extra armor…!”

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