Accused of Any of A Dui Offences Newmarket? Things You Need To Know

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Dui is actually the short form of Driving Under the Influence and it is considered as a serious offence according to the traffic rules and regulations.Mostly in layman’s language, we call it drunk driving where the police officerwill conduct a breathalyzer to indicate if you are driving under the influence or not. If you blow over you can/will be charged with not only a serious offence but could end upin jail.

Depending on the severity of the situation the following steps are taken:

  • The usual penalty for a first DUI offence in Ontario, Canada is a fine. Depending on how high the Breathalyzer readings are. The minimum second DUI offence penalty is 30 days in jail. The minimum penalty for a third DUI is 120 days in jail. There is always a DUI driving prohibition and the local province will suspend a DUI offender’s driver’s licence.
  • If due to driving under influence serious damage is caused to any other person or property then one will be taken to prison.
  • Criminal Conviction?—?A DUI is a federal offense in Canada and will result in a criminal conviction on your record.
  • Fine/Jail Time?—?Canada’s minimum punishment for DUI offenses was amended. A first offense carries a minimum fine of $1,000 and second offenses within a 10-year period are punishable by a minimum 30-day jail term. Each subsequent conviction will result in jail time of at least 120 days. Summary convictions carry a maximum sentence of 18 months.

Loss of License- A DUI conviction means loss of driving privileges. For a first offense, driving is prohibited for at least one year. A second or third conviction means a loss of license for at least two or three years, respectively.

Additional Fines For Driving While Prohibited Driving?—?During the time before your trial you are prohibited from driving, if caught, fines range from $500 to $2,000. Second offenses are punishable with the same fine plus a minimum of 14 days in jail. An additional year of prohibited driving restrictions will be added to your sentence. Driving after you have been convicted, during the period of driving prohibition, carries a similar penalty

What you should do if you are dealing with a charge of Dui in Newmarket?

If you are dealing with a charge related to Dui in Newmarket be prepared. Get the Paralegal Service Newmarket who is an expert in dealing with the Dui matters. He will be able to help you through this relieving much of the stress.

What to look for before selecting the best Paralegal?

If your Dui offence is really a serious charge, one that only a competent paralegal can help you with. You should choose a service you can afford and should be nearby your location in Newmarket so that you can easily handle all the formalities. Check out referrals given by others

Your paralegal should be a person with whom you can discuss anything without hesitation so make sure to choose a person with whom you are comfortable sharing all the truth.

Thus by keeping in mind all the information shared here you can find a paralegal that will be there for you, to defend you and to help you threw the charges.Dui Offences Newmarket.

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