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Actimize is a fully owned subsidiary of NICE Systems, preventing financial crimes, compliance and risk management services to major global financial institutions, as well as government regulators. The company provides real-time, anti-money laundering detection, and trading surveillance solutions that address concerns like payment fraud, cyber crime, sanctions monitoring, market abuse, customer due diligence and insider trading. But there is one significant issue in the system. The volume of job is very low, but the cost of maintaining such skill is very high. These are the routine jobs that demand accuracy and speed, but don’t involve any decision-making capabilities of the employee. When we say robots or team leaders that doesn’t mean a robot working in front of a computer with his hands on the keyboard. It is a software which is installed in the computer and doing routine jobs continuously. Our tutorials will help you all to know the software in details and how can you train the application and keep on updating it as per the need of the organization. 

For more details visit: Actimize Training


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