Adups FOTA is overall suitable to Gaotong platform, providing wireless-upgrade service for Internet-of-Things terminal

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As the strategic partner of Gaotong in FOTA field, Adups has the same plan in Internet-of-Things market. In 2015, Adups entered Internet-of-Things market and the main target is smart hardware facility. Adups developed smart-car, smart-wearing, smart-robot, smart-home and the popular product –VR.


Adups enhances ability and strength to enter this new field fast and conveniently by accumulating professional technology and experience. At present, Adups cooperates with BYD, YSJ, Loulan technology, Dudu, Feige, etc. Adups provides deep FOTA service for them. In the smart-home market, Adups cooperates with smart-TV, smart-box, robot and some other clients. And in VR/AI market, Adups offers full service for DapengVR, Weijing, etc.

From comprehensive adaptation to Gaotong to all main platform, from mobile to Internet-of-Things, Adups devotes itself to make the FOTA perfect. Both the mobile terminal and Internet-of-Things market, users experience is the key point for protect acceptance. Adups uses the technology accumulation to ensure that provides users system-optimization, facility-control and data-control service, helps them realize more value, on the basis of the technology iteration.

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