Adups provides solutions for IoT terminal by using FOTA wireless-upgrade

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As a standard configuration for smart-system, FOTA wireless-upgrade is crucial in this period of Internet-of-Things time.

Taking the smart-car for example, automobiles turn into electronics from machines. Traditional parts cant satisfy users need for the better capability of the auto. The only way can we realize the users experience, active safe, economy, etc is by assisting sophisticate and reliable electrical system. Under this circumstance, it is the best choice that maintain the FOTA upgrading function both for promoting users experience and auto functions.

Lately, Ali and SAIC Motors released the first Internet-auto Roewe RX5 and triggered a heated debate in cyberspace and personages of all circles. Many netizens concerned about the cars functions such as self-timer function, HD panoramic function, three screen interaction function and other aspects. The insiders expressed expectation for the Internet-auto. They thought these unfulfilled functions can be realized by using OTA-upgrading in the future. Such as streaming music, navigation and switch between phone and auto. In addition, with the development of technology, we can increase more various functions in it.

As the global biggest supplier of FOTA technology, Adups offers professional FOTA upgrade solutions to Mobile, IOT, networking-auto terminal facility. Smart-hardware can connect the net by using self wireless network capabilities or through the smart-phone, and then download the upgrade-package. In this way, autos neednt return to the industry or after-sale services. It is convenient for the users and reduces the cost.

Besides, Adups FOTA core difference technique makes the package smaller, and it can break-point resume, power-off protect, intelligent restore and encrypt during the upgrading. That ensures the security of operation and information.

Not only in terminal but also in Cloud, those accumulative experience of technology and service concept provides a support for Adups to enter Internet-of-Things market. At present, in the smart-auto field, Adups cooperates with BYD, YSJ, Loulan technology, Dudu, Feige, etc. In the smart-home and smart-wearing area, Adups cooperates with Letv-bicycle, smart-TV and intelligent box. Moreover, Adups supplies FOTA for many robot enterprises, such as Yuan Qu in Shanghai, Xiaoxi Robot in Shenzhen.

Adups focus on developing perfect FOTA technology. The crucial point of approve for a product is users experience both in mobile terminal and Internet of Things. Adups uses strong accumulation of technology to ensure that provides users system-optimization, facility-control and data-control service, helps them realize more values.

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