Advances of remodeling Garden

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It advances the work of remodeling that takes place in the colony Tower Garden of the emblematic Source as well as of its lateral mirrors, that will count on a pedestrian walk, for the enjoyment of the neighbors. The idea is to put it into operation in the month of September.

The work began almost two weeks ago and could take up to two months. The fountain, located on the Paseo Central, has a little more than a year that is out of operation.

The total investment will be four million pesos and will not represent an extra expense for the neighbors.

Luis Contreras Rivera, manager of the Cooperativa de Torreon Jardin, explained that in the source only the parts affected by water leaks, subsidence and by the same passage of time collapsed. “Obviously there are many quarry pieces dating back to a long time that obviously have no remedy, that is what is being replaced.”

Also the floor will be removed and changed for the same material, in order to maintain its essence.

Once the civil work is completed, the whole area will be planted, like the garden it used to be.In the mirrors, located on the avenues Laguna Sur and Laguna Norte Avenue, will also be rehabilitated.

“The mirrors will do the same is already working with them, and those must be left running with their jets of water and their installation of Venetian (mosaic),” explained the manager of the Cooperative.

Along with these works, we also work in the green areas, we are already working in the central part of the source ridges, “and the lungs that are around the mirrors, which does not interfere with the civil work” . 

The garden is one of the places we enjoy the most from home, whether to rest, meet friends, or just breathe fresh air. Even if you do not have a large park, with simple ideas you can achieve a green space that encourages your well-being and that of those who live with you or visit you.

Within the possible projects, you can build a pool with bundles of straw of the dimensions you want, make a water pond with plants and fish, or if you have an even larger space, build a pool with pallets ! 

In this site you can learn in simple steps how to build a fountain for your garden that will create a rest space, ideal for enjoying the sun and the outdoors. 


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