Advantage of Cocoon Sunglasses

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Cocoon sunglasses are those that cover the eye completely, and can endure demanding conditions. Ladies love it and so do gents, as they can be worn with spectacles as well as without them. They are known as such because they are able to cover the human eye completely, and that they are readily available as well as being made easily upon request.

Are they popular because of their design or because of their properties? Both seem to be the reason cocoon sunglasses are in demand. They also provide a good peripheral view of sideways and the best part is that you can wear them over your prescription glasses and they fit in really nice. The best part is, you can either purchase a normal cocoon’s sunglasses or you can make them on prescription and have them.

Cocoon sunglasses come in 6 sizes, 3 frame colors, and 4 tints in polarized lens. All you have to do is measure your existing prescription spectacles, pick the right size of the cocoon sunglasses and wear them over your existing eyewear. Since they are usually polarized, you won’t be needing bifocals and that you don’t need to change between your eyewear. They are designed to be worn over prescription frames ranging in size from 4-78”W x 1-3/8”H to 5-1/2”W x 2”H, meaning this size range will allow you to find the best fit and setting as compared to eyewear that is either too large or too small.

Most cocoon sunglasses come with a custom case (which prevent it from getting damaged) and often are provided with a micro fiber Dura cloth, whose slightly studded surface cleans the sunglasses easily and completely, & the same Dura cloth keeps them clean in the case as well. The cases they are provided with are usually heavy duty and durable, and are easily portable as well. Speert International is now selling cocoon sunglasses online and if you are confused in the available range of sizes then you can provide them the size of the prescription glasses you currently wear. That way, you’ll get your desired cocoon sunglasses with the best case.

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