Advertising with Teardrop Flags

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Flags are an eye-catching way to advertise. They flutter with the wind, catching the attention of potential consumers. Flags come in many different shapes, from the classic rectangle to the unique teardrop.

Unique Shape

Teardrop flags stand out from other types of flags. Their rounded tops and tapered bottoms are unlike common rectangular flags. Their unique shape draws more attention to the flag and the advertisement on it.

Good Indoors

Custom teardrop flags are perfect for advertising indoors. You set them up the same way you would outdoors. The pole that holds the flag up also holds it out, making the design visible without wind to blow it. Rectangular flags need to be pinned up instead of flown like they would be outdoors. If they aren’t, the design will be lost in the folds of the dangling fabric.

Easy to Handle

Teardrop flags are easy to put up and move. To set them up, you push the pole into the sleeve of the fabric, and then attach it to the base you’re using. Stake bases are ideal for mounting a flag outdoors in the dirt. X-shaped bases are perfect for other surfaces, like floors. When you’re done using the flag, you disassemble it the same way you put it together. Then, you’re left with three pieces that are relatively easy to carry and store.

Perfect for Simple Logos

These flags are ideal for logos or smaller designs. But, designs with a lot of text aren’t recommended. Since the flag gets smaller toward the bottom, large amounts of text may not look appealing. The flag will end up looking cluttered and unreadable. But, if your logo is simple and doesn’t include a lot of text, custom teardrop flags are perfect for you.


There are, of course, cons to using teardrop flags that must be weighed against the pros. The teardrop shape catches more than just eyes. It also catches more wind than rectangular flags do. During high winds, these flags should be kept inside. And, as mentioned earlier, complex designs or designs with a large amount of text are not ideal for teardrop flags. The design may not look as aesthetically pleasing as intended when it’s squished onto a teardrop flag.


The drawbacks to teardrop flags are certainly things to keep in mind. They don’t fare well in the wind, and a complicated design can make the flag look awful. But, if you have a simple logo you want to display, custom teardrop flags may be the right advertising option for you.

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