Aesthetic and functional labiaplasty

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Several factors such as birth defects and aging can cause 
changes in the labia, thereby forcing the affected parties to seek remedies 
whenever they can. Labiaplasty, the surgical procedure to change both the inner 
and outer labia, becomes handy in such situations. It’s therefore very 
important to know the right place and person to seek help from matters a lot. Other 
than changing the labia, labiaplasty also refers to the alteration of the reproductive 
system such as intersex conditions, malformed fallopian tubes and uterus as 
well as in cases where there is not vaginal passage. This makes it one of the 
most important surgeries one can ever have. In his book aesthetic and 
functional labiaplasty, Dr. Gress from Sensualmedics AG gives surgeons several tips and crucial information on how to handle the procedures.

Starting with the preparation before the operation to the 
necessary care needed after the surgery, the book gives details of every 
possibility, making it a very important asset. He begins by highlighting the 
anatomy and functionalities of the different parts of the female organ, 
focusing more on the labia majora and minora. He goes on to list the possible cases 
where reconstruction may be unavoidable, together with the procedures necessary 
for each case. This is followed by information on how to plan and prepare for 
the procedure, together with the possible complications that may arise. Like every 
other medical procedure, labiaplasty also has some possible negative side 
effects and risks, a fact that the author doesn’t forget to mention in one of 
the chapters “pitfalls and complications”. 

With pictures and illustrations to back it up, the book 
talks about the surgical techniques a surgeon should use, as well as their 
advantages and limitations, if there’s any. Other than providing information 
for surgeons, it can also be used by patients and gynecologists. Just like the 
preparation before the surgery and during the procedure, taking care of a 
patient after a surgical procedure is an important part of the recovery process. 
This therefore gives valuable information that covers that area, ensuring that both 
the surgeon and patient get the right information on what to do and what to 
avoid in order to have a smooth and fast healing process. 

The aesthetic and labiaplasty 
functional book is a very important 

asset to have since it gives priceless information to care givers and patients. 
With it, you get to decide the most preferable procedure for you, with the help 
of your surgeon. Even those who don’t know the medical terms can understand the 
book since it’s written in simple words that caters for those who don’t have 
expertise in the medical field. The systematic manner with which all the 
chapters are arranged also make it easy to follow. 



Although some surgeons major in plastic surgery, labiaplasty 
is another category that surgeons don’t specialize in since it covers both 
surgery and gynecology. This has increased the challenges faced by the patients 
as well as those that surgeons faced by the task of helping them have. With 
this book however, these challenges are reduced considerably and as a result, 
reduction in the number of permanent damages or even fatalities associated with 
such procedures. Written by one of the doctors who have expertise in this field, 
and as the first book of its kind, it’s advisable to get it.

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