AIT’s Battery Tab Welder

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Battery tab welders help weld copper battery tabs as well as nickel battery tabs, provided that either of both is either welded with a traditional battery tab welder or a modern one. A variety of battery tab welding machines are manufactured by Advance Integrated Technologies for different types of battery welding applications and needs.

Some advantages of using battery tab welders produced by AIT:

•They are designed for superior battery tab welding.
• Lower prices on equipment and electrodes.
• Shorter lead time on electrodes.
• Free welding tests and round the clock customer support.

It would be best to discuss your welding application with your vendor (and if the vendor is AIT then its definitely good to have you around as a customer) so the vendor can check your welding needs and then determine which welder/transformer combination works best with your welding applications. The best part about AIT’s battery tab welder is that it has been designed for series welding of battery tabs without putting the battery cells in harm’s way and the fast rising time equals less thermal damage to the machine. Polarity switch function leads to uniformity in welding and longer life for electrodes and the machine has a 4 pulse wave form with pre-welding options. Another advantage of such machine that the automatic welding stop function helps prevent over energy welds and the LCD graph shows the welding wave form.

Some specifications of the machine are as under:

• Welding power supply: NRW-PS300
• Welding Transformer: NT-PS300
• Control Method: IGBT Control (Polarity Switch)
• Secondary Short Circuit current: 8000 Amperes
• Maximum Output Power: 300 watts
• Setting range for weld time is between 0 – 60 milliseconds
• Setting Range for Transformer Tap: 2.5V, 5.0V, 7.1V, 10V
• Number of conditions: 63
• Communication: RS232C

Advance Integrated Technologies has imported some battery tab welders from Japan as well as some components in order to make the best customized battery tab welders for American welding purposes and in accordance with U.S Power guidelines and requirements. They also produce indigenous battery tab welders suited to U.S business needs.

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