Animal experimentation: No lie can live forever!

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        Animal experimentation, also known as vivisection, is directly responsible for the rampant growth of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, leukemia, and an endless list of many other old afflictions as well as scores new ones, such as Alzheimer’s disease and AIDS. These diseases are causing the most massive, systematic, and widespread destruction of human health ever known, with no cures in sight. The reason is fundamental: Today’s research is based almost entirely on animal experimentation, which is a medical scientific fraud. Every species of animals is a different biochemical and biochemical entity. This means that the dog and the cat, for example, are two different creatures and information obtained from one can not be obtained from one cannot be applied to the other. Even the mouse and the rat are two different species (with marked anatomical and physiological differences) that act differently from each other to various drugs and substances. Imagine then, the utter impossibility in trying to apply data from many different animal species to human beings.


The predictable result at artificially diseased non-human animals is that the data obtained is not applicable to man and is, therefore, tragically misleading. This is the reason why no disease has been cured in the 20th century except for the control of infectious disease which has accomplished thanks to nutrition, hygiene, and public sanitation, and not because animal research.

Consequently, all the old diseases along with the new ones are killing and damaging more and more people every day, including you and your loved ones.



It is clear that the only intelligent and logical solution to our health problems lies in stopping the many diseases that afflict humankind before they strike. In other words, we should devote our resources to the prevention of disease. This is an achievable goal because we already know that practically all major diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.) are diet/lifestyle related and/or environmentally induced and are, therefore, fully preventable.  Once disease has occurred, the only hope for a successful treatment and possible cure is clinical research (the observation of human patients who have naturally occurring diseases) and not experimental research on animals. Clinical research, along with epidemiological investigations of human populations, autopsy and biopsy investigations, and studies of human cells and tissue and organ cultures are the only scientific methods that can offer real solutions to our health problems.




The reason why the medieval ritual of animal experimentation still goes on is simply due to the fact that the biomedical/petro-chemical/pharmaceutical empire has managed to make people believe the most outrageous lie ever told; namely, that animal experimentation saves human lives. For decades, the empire has had tremendous success using the old tired line, what shall it be, your dog or your baby? (which implies that animal research works, and that anyone who opposes it is anti-human). This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Crushing amounts of evidence demonstrate that animal experimentation routinely takes the lives of both the dog and the baby.  There is only one way to abolish animal experimentation, and, it is based on the unstoppable power of the truth. The empire, for all its seemingly unlimited money, influence, and power cannot destroy a concept grounded in logic, common sense, and true science. We must use this indestructible weapon which can bring the wealthiest and the most destructive empire ever to its knees. We must demonstrate that the methodology, the foundation on which the empire rests (animal research) is medically and scientifically fraudulent. We must show that human medicine does not depend on a choice between a dog and a child, and that in fact, animal research is counterproductive and dangerous to human health. Only this weapon has the power to end vivisection forever!

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