Apply for the right study visa for USA

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?h? m?m?nt ??u w?r? w??t?ng f?r h?s ??m? ?nd ??u g?t ?dm?tt?d t? ?n ?m?r???n ??ll?g? ?r un?v?rs?t?. Y?u’r? gl??t?ng ?nd ????t?d l?k? n?v?r b?f?r? ?nd ??u sh?uld b?! ?m?r???n un?v?rs?t??s ?nl? ?????t th? b?st ??nd?d?t?s s? th?s trul? ?s ? gr??t ????m?l?shm?nt. Y?ur l?f? ?s ?b?ut t? ?h?ng? s?gn?f???ntl?, n?t ?ust ?n t?rms ?f ??ur h?gh?r ?du??t??n, but ?ls? t? ??ur ?nt?r? futur?.

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?h?r? ?s ?n? sm?ll st?? l?ft ??u n??d t? t?k? – th? stud?nt v?s? ?nt?rv??w. Y?u’v? ?r?b?bl? h??rd num?r?us st?r??s ?b?ut h?w d?unt?ng th? wh?l? v?s? ?r???ss ??n b?. D?n’t w?rr?! ??th?ng ?s ?s t?rr?bl? ?s ?t s?unds, n?t ?v?n th? v?s? ?nt?rv??w. R??d furth?r t? b? full? ?r???r?d ?nd f?nd ?ut s?m? us?ful t??s f?r ?v??d?ng v?s? r????t??n f?r stud??ng ?n th? U.?.

?h?r? ?r? tw? stud?nt v?s? ??t?g?r??s f?r ????l? wh? w?nt t? stud? ?n th? U??:

                     ?h? F1 v?s? wh??h ?s f?r ‘???d?m??’ stud??s

                     ?h? ? v?s? ?s f?r ‘n?n-???d?m?? ?r v???t??n?l’ stud??s.

?r? t? ???l? thr?? m?nths b?f?r? ??ur ?l?nn?d tr?v?l t? th? U.?. ?h?s w?ll g?v? ??u ?n?ugh t?m? ?n ??s? th?r? ?r? d?l??s ?t th? ?mb?ss? ?r w?sh t? m?k? ?n ?????l ?n ??s? ?f th? d?n??l ?f ??ur v?s?.

?h? stud?nt v?s? f?r th? Un?t?d ?t?t?s ?s ??m??r?bl? t? ? ??b ?nt?rv??w. F?r ?nt?rn?t??n?l stud?nts, th? s?m?l? ?d?? ?f ?nt?r?ng th? ?mb?ss? ?nd h?v?ng ? d?s?uss??n w?th ? v?s? ?ff???r w?ll s??m ?s ?n ?nt?m?d?t?ng ????r??n??. ??r? ?r? s?? k?? ???nts t? ??ns?d?r ?n ?rd?r t? f??l m?r? ??mf?rt?bl? dur?ng ??ur v?s? ?nt?rv??w.


                     Dr?ss ?r?f?ss??n?ll?: ?h? f?rst ?m?r?ss??n w?ll b? ?n r?g?rds t? ??ur ?utf?t, s? b? sur? t? w??r ? bus?n?ss ?tt?r?. ? v?s? ?nt?rv??w ?s ? f?rm?l ?v?nt ?nd ??u sh?uld tr??t ?t ????rd?ngl?.

                     ???? ?nsw?rs t? th? ???nt: G?v? qu??k ?nd ??m?l?t? ?nf?rm?t??n wh?n ??u ?nsw?r th? qu?st??ns ?f th? v?s? ?ff???r. ?r?v?ng ??u h?v? g??d ?ngl?sh sk?lls dur?ng th? ?nt?rv??w ?s ?m??rt?nt ?nd w?uld m?k? ? g??d ?m?r?ss??n. ??w?v?r, ?f ??u ?r? un?bl? t? ?nsw?r s?m? qu?st??ns ?n ?ngl?sh, ??u ??n ?sk f?r ?n ?nt?r?r?t?r. ?h?s w?ll n?t ?ff??t th? ?ut??m? ?f ??ur ?nt?rv??w, ?s m?n? stud?nts ?h??s? s????f???ll? t? stud? ?n th? U.?. t? l??rn ?ngl?sh.

                     ?? h?n?st: D? n?t g?v? v?gu? ?nsw?rs, d?n’t m?m?r?z? ? s????h ?nd d? n?t m?k? ?v?rst?t?m?nts ?b?ut h?w w?nd?rful th? Un?t?d ?t?t?s ?s ?nd h?w ??u h?v? ?lw??s dr??m?d t? s?? th?s ??untr?. ?t ?s ? g??d ?d?? t? ?r???r? ? l?ttl? b?f?r? th? ?nt?rv??w, but th? v?s? ?ff???r w?ll s?m?l? f??us ?n th? g?n?r?l ?d?? ?f h?w ?t w?uld b? ?n ??ur b?n?f?t t? stud? ?t ?n ?m?r???n ??ll?g? ?r un?v?rs?t? ?nd ?n th? b?n?f?t ?f th? ?m?r???n ?nst?tut??n t? h?v? ??u ?s th??r stud?nt.

                     ??m? th? s?h??l ?nd l???t??n: ?t?t? ????tl? wh?r? ??u w?ll stud? ?nd f?r wh?t ??r??r ??ur stud??s ?n U?? ?r???r? ??u f?r. ?r? t? ???l??n ?n ? f?w d?t??ls wh? ??u ?h?s? th? s????f?? s?h??l ?nd g?v? ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut wh?r? ??u w?ll l?v?.

                     ?r?v? ??ur ??mm?tm?nt: ?n ??s? ??ur gr?d?s ?r? n?t ????tl? h?gh, ??u w?ll b? r?qu?r?d t? ???l??n h?w ??u w?ll su????d ?s ? stud?nt ?n th? U.?. ?t w?uld b? ? g??d ?d?? t? h?v? ?r???r?d ? l?tt?r fr?m ? s?h??l t???h?r ???l??n?ng h?w th? stud? ?r?gr?mm? ??u ???l??d t? m?k?s s?ns?.

                     ?d??t t? ??ur ?nt?rv??w?r: ?r? t? f?gur? ?ut ?f th? ?nt?rv??w?r ?s ?n ? hurr? ?r n?t; ?f s?, k??? ??ur ?nsw?rs sh?rt. ?n th? ?th?r h?nd, ?f th? ?ff???r s??ms t? ?n??? th? d?s?uss??n, ??u ??n ??t?nd ??ur s????h ? l?ttl?, but d?n’t b? m?r? s????f?? th?n n??d?d.

??mm?n qu?st??ns ??u sh?uld ?????t dur?ng th? v?s? ?nt?rv??w

1. ??w m?n? un?v?rs?t??s d?d ??u ???l? t??

2. ?? wh??h un?v?rs?t??s d?d ??u g?t ?dm?tt?d?

3. Wh? d? ??u w?nt t? stud? ?n th? U???

4. ??n ??u t?ll m? s?m? d?t??ls ?b?ut ??ur ?h?s?n un?v?rs?t??

5. Wh?t ?s ??ur G?? ??r??nt?g??

6. ??v? ??u b??n t? th? U.?. b?f?r??

7. Wh?t ?r? ??ur ?l?ns ?ft?r gr?du?t??n?

8. D?d ??u r????v? ?n? s?h?l?rsh??s?

9. Wh? w?ll f?n?n?? ??ur stud??s?

10. D? ??u h?v? ?n? r?l?t?v?s ?n U???

R??s?ns wh? ??ur U?? v?s? ???l???t??n m?ght g?t r????t?d

1. ?f ??u sh?w ??ur ?nt?nt??n t? r?m??n ?n th? U.?. ?ft?r ??u gr?du?t?

?h?s ?s th? m?st ??mm?n r??s?n th?t m?k?s v?s? ?ff???rs r????t ? stud?nt’s F1 v?s? ?nd th? m?st ?m??rt?nt ?s???t th?? f?ll?w dur?ng th? v?s? ?nt?rv??w. W?th?ut ?n? ???gg?r?t??n, tr? t? m?k? ?t ?s ?l??r ?s ??ss?bl? th?t ??ur ?nl? ?l?n ?s t? stud? ?n th? ?t?t?s ?nd th?t ??u w?ll r?turn h?m? ?ft?r ??u gr?du?t?.

2. ?f ??u ??nn?t sh?w f?n?n???l ?b?l?t? t? su???rt ??urs?lf ?r g?t f?n?n???l su???rt fr?m ??ur f?m?l?

?h?s m??ns th?t wh?l? stud??ng ?n th? U.?., ??u w?ll h?v? t? ??rt?k? ? ??b t? fund ??ur stud??s ?nd th?t ??ntr?d??ts th? ?ur??s? ?f ? stud?nt v?s?.

3. ?f ??ur un?v?rs?t?/d?gr?? l??ks sus?????us

?f th? v?s? ?ff???r ??ns?d?rs th?t th? un?v?rs?t? ??u ???l??d t? m?? n?t b? ???r?d?t?d ?r s??s ?th?r ?s???ts th?t w?ll m?k? h?m/h?r w?nd?r ?f th? ?r?d?b?l?t? ?f ??ur ?h?s?n ??urs? ?r d?gr??, th?s ??uld b? ? r??s?n t? r????t ??ur stud?nt v?s?.

4. ?f ??u h?v? m?mb?rs ?f ??ur f?m?l? ?lr??d? l?v?ng ?n th? U.?.

?h?s r??s?s th? sus?????n th?t ??th?r ??u ???l? f?r ? stud?nt v?s? und?r ? f?ls? ?r?t??t ?nd ??ur r??l ?l?n ?s t? ?mm?gr?t? ?r th?t ??u w?ll r?m??n ?n th? U.?. ?ft?r ??u f?n?sh ??ur stud??s ?nd ?ursu? ? ??r??r, w?th n? ?nt?nt??n ?f r?turn?ng h?m?.

?t???ng ??s?t?v? ?nd ??nf?d?nt ?s ?ru???l dur?ng th? v?s? ?nt?rv??w


R?m?mb?r t? k??? ??s?t?v? th? wh?l? t?m? dur?ng ??ur ?nt?rv??w. Y?u m?ght b? sur?r?s?d b? ? qu?st??n ?r d?n’t ????tl? g?v? th? ?nsw?rs ?s ??u ?l?nn?d ?r th?ught ??u w?uld. ?h?s ?s ??m?l?t?l? n?rm?l, ??ns?d?r?ng m?st ??nd?d?t?s ?r? m?r? ?r l?ss n?rv?us dur?ng th?s? k?nd ?f ?nt?rv??ws. ?? tr? t? k??? ? sm?l? n? m?tt?r wh?t ?nd r?m?mb?r th?t sh?w?ng ??u ?r? ? ??nf?d?nt ??rs?n ?s ? k?? ?l?m?nt ?n th?s ??s?. G??d lu?k!

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