Bagpipes and Weddings

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Have you ever wondered how you may give your wedding a distinctive musical flare? Maybe that you are of Scottish or Irish decent and want to bring conventional Celtic melodies to your wedding ceremony. In my several years of practical experience, the bagpipes have usually made weddings even more of a day to remember. Get additional information about Socal Bagpiper

Right here are a few of the items a Bag Piper could do to greater enhance your wedding day:
-Play outside of the chapel, church, or city hall constructing because the guests arrive.
-Play inside as the guests are seated.
-Pipe inside the bride with “The Bridal March” or an array of any other tunes a Piper can present.
-Play although major the bride and groom outside.
-Pipe the bride and groom into the reception area.
-Play anything romantic for the bride and groom’s 1st dance collectively as newlyweds.
-Play upbeat jigs or reels for the guests to clap or dance to.
-Play outdoors in the reception location as guests are arriving or leaving.

Bagpipes can make a wonderful and exceptional addition to your special day.

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