Before & after: From colonial house to breathtaking palace

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Today we’re taking you to see the spectacular refurbishment of an old house. Built approximately in 1850, the remodeling project consisted of completely transforming the interior and exterior appearance of Lisa Castle, located in Kinshasa, Congo, to make it look like an incredible palace, looking for elegance reinventing the classic and baroque style in all its spaces.

The owners of the house gave to Ligeia Interiors, an interior design company located in Rome, Italy, a series of requirements and specifications to be done that were a little challenging, but with a lot of effort and talent were executed impeccably. If you’re eager to see the result, let’s take a look!

Before: A neglected house with great potential


Before the renovation, the brick facade of the house wasn’t looking very attractive. Some cracks and wear details were exposed on the exterior of the Georgian style edification. Although the symmetry of its windows looks aesthetically pleasing, the small dimensions of these openings made the interior look dark and gloomy, something our professionals needed to change right away.


Many people would have opted to completely demolish the house, but our professionals managed to turn it into an attractive and beautiful mansion with an excellent renovation design both inside and out.


The project: A luxury mansion with great outdoor space


This is the final project of Lisa Castle. The first prospective color sketch of the new building was approved by the owner (And there’s no questioning why!). The striking and opulent two-level mansion rises above the extensive garden full of greenery, this being one of the highlights of the entire project. The landscaping combined a large variety of exotic plants that filled the pool and various areas of the beautiful garden with color and different heights.

Contrasting with the lush green color, the house has an imposing and wide main access that allows guests to appreciate the beauty of its immaculate facades before giving the first step inside.

If you want to know what was the result of the execution of the project made by our experts, read on!


After: A Stunning debut

Voila! Here is the work in full execution. As we observed in the previous sketch, the new mansion presents a neoclassical architectural style with simple and elegant lines. The white color replaced the dark brick that covered the façades, eliminating the old-fashioned details that layed on top of each window.

The fronts of the house look clean and simple and in the upper level, four free standing columns highlight the great magnitude of the new home. Besides having an aesthetical purpose, these columns also function as structural elements, holding the weight of the roof that covers the front terrace. Just as in the original building, the symmetry is perfectly maintained in all elements of the main façades, being the main entrance the imaginary axis dividing the two sides.


After: A secret Eden in the garden


 We could not visit the Lisa Palace without taking a look at the beautiful outdoor recreation areas of the house! Located on the right side of the house it’s the huge rectangular swimming pool which is surrounded by large areas covered with lawns and of course, a pool-house.

This charming space was built using a light and metallic structure to reduce its construction time. To give it warmth, natural elements such as wood and wicker were used to design the furniture, and natural travertine tiles cover the floor to give the space a unique and elegant look. The huge blue curtains installed all around the perimeter of the pool-house can open or close the space completely as desired by the user to gain instant privacy.

After: Luxury interior design like no other.


The owner of the house was so satisfied with the architectural design and execution of the project that he asked our experts to design with turnkey the interior architecture of the house, so we are going to take a sneak peek of one of the bedrooms to say goodbye to this project. “Luxury” is the first thing that comes to mind when entering this room. With it’s intricate details, floral patterns and rich materials this bedroom is every bit as beautiful as a master suite at a five star hotel!

Red, brown and gold form the color palette of this particular design, using wood to cover the floor and the main material of the design of the furniture pieces totally custom made by our experts. Among these pieces, the imposing double bed is a total eye catcher as soon as you enter the room. The bed gives a soft and feminine feel to the room thanks to the beautiful and decorative curtains that match the bedding.


We hope you enjoyed this tour as much as we did!

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