Benefits of Hydraulic Table Lifts

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Many workplace injuries occur when moving heavy loads that strain the back or neck. Unfortunately, lifting, bending, and twisting are common motions in many different industries, so the only way to truly avoid these repetitive motions is to use something besides your body to move and lift loads. A hydraulic table lift is a great way to increase work efficiency while reducing the chances of injuries. Here’s what you need to know about their benefits.

Power Source

A common misconception of table lifts is that you have to use electricity. While this is true for some types of lifts, it’s not always the case. A benefit of hydraulic lifts is that you can use the type that requires electric power in order to compress the hydraulic fluid in the cylinders, or you can use compressed air or gas instead. This is beneficial for services that can’t risk any contamination from an electric motor. 

Style Variety

There are also different styles of table lifts to choose from, which makes it easier to find the right lift for your needs. A hydraulic scissor lift table is one of the most common types and got its name because the struts under the work platform are shaped like connected scissors. You can find tables specifically for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications, and there are extra-tall tables as well. Table lifts can support anywhere from 500-6,000 pounds of weight, depending on individual specifications. That means they have the potential to be used in almost any industry.

Numerous Uses

Table lifts are useful in heavy industrial settings as well as in sanitary settings. Since pneumatic lift tables don’t run the risk of contaminating things, they can be used in food, health, and science industries. They make any distribution service run more smoothly because they can move more product more quickly without risking injury. They also increase the efficiency of warehouses, construction sites, distribution centers, and storage facilities. 

Employee and Customer Retention 


Another major benefit of using a hydraulic table lift in the workplace is that you’ll keep employees more easily. Employee retention can be increased because there will be fewer injuries, but they’ll also enjoy their work more because they’ll be able to get more done without being physically worn out as soon. When you can keep employees longer, you’ll have increased productivity as well which keeps your customers satisfied so that you can retain them as well. 

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