Benefits of Positive Guided Relaxation

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Positive, guided meditation, also known as guided relaxation, is a proven technique, which relaxes the mind, achieving inner peace and improving health.

But, have you ever wondered … what this means, exactly?

The human mind, like a computer, is pre-programmed with instinctual information and past occurrences, which strongly influence many of our decision-making processes to this day.

Further, within busy, modern lifestyles, chronic stress, otherwise known as the fight and flight response, has crept in, as the norm for many.

In times past, fight and flight, which preps the body only to run or fight, was the premier internal department, saving ‘our skins’ if we were physically threatened.

Thankfully, now all the sabre-toothed tigers have gone, there’s much less need for the ‘fight and flight’ response to be activated.

But the question is, have our inner brains fully realized this? 

Because these days, fight and flight is, being triggered, perhaps inappropriately, by relationship conflicts, financial concerns, distressing news stories or indeed anything else which might cause upset.

And the problem with this is, being the premier department, fight and flight down regulates all the other departments within our bodies, including the maintenance systems.

At the risk of sounding boring here, because fight and flight can feel so exciting, but, basic maintenance is where all of our healing, repairs and health optimization happens. And if neglected, we can manage for a while, but over time, breakdowns begin to occur…and that represents increased disease risk for the future.

So what can be done to improve this?

Positive guided relaxation, instantaneously shifts body chemistry by causing release of relaxation hormones within, which also opposes stress hormones and the fight and flight response. And this positive shift in the hormones can be detected at once, because it feels so good.

Relax hormones support a person in over 1400 ways, because that’s how many internal reactions positively shift, once an individual knows how to positively relax. And the more an individual relaxes, the better they feel, with emotional improvements soon extending even between relaxations.

And so, the regular meditator knows, that the departments which benefit health, such as the immune system, repairs, healing, and digestion to name a few are all priortised, and are once again, working at their very best.

Trusted, guided relaxation also allows a person to access many parts within the mind, some of which may have been hidden, or, in the case of conflicting childhood memories, long forgotten.

The relaxation process allows a person to easily release any unwanted or unhelpful programming, instead wiring in more advantageous patterns, just as desired.

So now, any positive goals, such as health improvement, easily completing career focused tasks or improved emotional intelligence, for better relationships can become automatic for you.

And with repeat relaxation, it’s becomes so easy to switch off any negative, damaging thought loops.

Individuals who use guided relaxation are either meditation lovers, people who already know how beneficial relaxation is, or those who crave personal development, health improvement and growth of awareness.

In fact, positive guided relaxation is perfect for anyone, adult or child, searching for stress reduction or indeed, who may wish to feel and be happier and healthier.

Top Relaxation Tips

It’s easier to be successful when you’re guided, particularly at first because, after all, if you’re looking for the best places to eat when arriving in a new town, wouldn’t it be easier to ask for a trusted opinion, rather than to be just stumbling around in the dark, for what could be ages?

And science shows, that without a trusted guide, one can accidentally meditate on old problems, rather than discovering amazing, new ‘outside-of- the-box’ solutions for yourself.

It’s not necessary to wear particular clothes, sit in any particular way or even, to be a member of any particular religion, because the benefits of positive relaxation belong to all of us.

And because, the subconscious part of your mind is always listening, positive guided relaxation works effectively even if you drift off or fall asleep while the process is going on.

Benefits of positive guided relaxation

The benefits of positive guided relaxation or meditation include a certainty that you’re meditating in the right direction, taking the shortest route to optimal health, and wealth. And who wouldn’t want that?

Of course switching on release of relaxation hormones, and with practice, making these beneficial hormone profiles a new normal, will improve health, even among the most athletic individuals.

And of course once relaxed, life becomes so much easier, with improved self confidence and concentration, also because you can now select which wild goose chases to pass on, instead of being subconsciously drawn along pathways which weren’t yours or even right for you.

Imagine how much positive impact that could have on a life-path?

Through the power of positive, guided meditation, self-transformation, which, at first might seem impossible, is actually happening. With many out there, already successfully using the power of positive guided relaxation. They’re using it to improve their health and their wealth, increasing inner happiness and abundance in their life.

So, if you’re curious to discover what positive guided relaxation will bring to your life experience, visit for your free positive relaxation download.

By Dr. Leanne Lawrence

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