Best 10 Tools for Creating a Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

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The concept of PowerPoint presentations seems simple. You just need good content as a foundation. You’ll add visuals to grab the attention of your audience. You’ll pick a good template, and you’ll create the presentation. It’s not that simple, after all.

Brilliant PowerPoint slides can give a new life to your speech or talk. They will help the audience focus on the subject and visualize the complex concepts you’re trying to explain. A bad presentation, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. It will distract the audience or even make them nervous.

How do you make sure your PowerPoint presentation is great? There are tools to help you make all aspects of your slides perfect. We’ll list 10 tools you can use to make your next PowerPoint presentation awesome.

Tools for Creating Great Slides

1. Nuts & Bolts Speed Training

How do you create great PowerPoint slides without wasting too much time on them? This online course will teach you how to do that. The creator of the program teaches 4 hacks that should save you 40 hours. The best part is that you can learn the hacks for free.

There are three sections to explore at this website: PowerPoint tips and tricks, PowerPoint animations, and key PowerPoint shortcuts.

2. Merge

You’re not using the full potential of PowerPoint if you don’t install the right add-ins. Merge is one of them. It’s a useful tool that lets you merge content from Excel XLS files, Tab Delimited or CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. Why would you need to do that? If you have a lot of information to add into the slides, you can do that at one go with this tool.

3. SlideProof

This is a PowerPoint add-in that will find mistakes in your decks. It will also allow you to organize the slides and media in properly categorized libraries. You can share the libraries with your team members. It’s easy to find the content you need, thanks to the intelligent search feature.

The functions of the tool are based on over 80 rules for creating good presentations. You’ll can check if your slides comply with those standards. Thanks to the suggestions you get, you’ll edit your PowerPoint presentations to perfection.

4. EssayGeeks

What’s the most important part of your PowerPoint presentation? Some would say the design. Yes, that’s important. The colors and features of the design capture the attention of the audience. However, there’s something more important: the content. You can’t feature chunks of text on the slides. The content has to be clear, brief, and on-point.

If you don’t know how to create good content for slides, you can get help from EssayGeeks. You’ll provide the instructions for the project. The writers will follow the flow of your presentation to create attention-grabbing content for your slides.

5. PowerPoint Maps from YouPresent

You need to include a map in your PowerPoint presentation? It will be really cool if you make it interactive. YouPresent gives you interactive maps of the world, Europe, USA (state and county), Latin America, United Mexican States, and UK & Ireland.

6. YawnBuster

You don’t want your audience to yawn during the presentation, do you? That’s why you need to add interactive elements, which will keep them engaged. With this tool, you’ll encourage the audience to answer questions and participate in the presentations. It’s intended for educators, but you can use it to enhance any presentation, whether it’s virtual or face-to-face.

7. SlideCamp

This tool is perfect for building business presentations. You can choose from a library of slides, but you can also customize your template to your company’s colors. You can add a logo on every slide if that’s what you need.

If you’re creating multiple presentations for the same business, it helps to have a recognizable style. With SlideCamp, you can create the perfect custom template and continue using it for all future presentations.

Productivity Tools

8. Office Timeline

The way you organize the work on your PowerPoint presentation is crucial for its success. You absolutely need a plan. With this tool, you can create a timeline right inside PowerPoint. You’ll mark the date when you start working on the project, and you’ll mark the deadline. You’ll have free space in between those moments, so you’ll organize the development of your presentation accordingly.

Office Timeline is not limited to organizational features. It also allows you to create project visuals that showcase your work.

9. SlideSource

This is a powerful organization tool that will index all your slides. If you’re creating multiple PowerPoint presentations and you’re doing it on a regular basis, you absolutely need it. With this tool, you can organize, create, and share presentations from a single online library. If you’re working on a team presentation, you can invite the collaborators to join your Slide Library.

The presentations will be automatically updated. However, there’s a version control feature, so you don’t have to worry about the perfect version being ruined with the edits. You can always go back to it.

Tools for Getting Ready

10. PowerPoint Rehearsing Option                               

When you’re done creating your presentation, you have to rehearse it. You should make sure the slides will be changing at the perfect timing. PowerPoint already has features that enable you to do that. The Slide Timing feature lets you record the time you need to present each slide as you rehearse. Then, you can create a self-running presentation that will follow your pace.


PowerPoint is much cooler under the surface. With so many powerful tools and add-ins, it would be a shame to deliver a boring presentation. Thanks to the tools suggested above, you won’t let that happen.


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