Best Careers For Women

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The best careers for women are often those that they may not consider a career at all. When you enjoy what you do on a daily basis it is easy to forget that you are actually at a job and earning money. However, as much as we may enjoy painting, there is usually little chance of becoming a highly paid artist and starving artist is certainly not a well paid career field. Some of the highest paying careers  women can find are standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, though they may pay well many women do not find these careers the most satisfying. The question many pose is are they losing out on the real value behind their job by aiming solely for the money. It would be a hard existence without financial income. Money does make the modern world go round sadly and to be able to lead a comfortable existence a good career is all you need, but many leave the top earning jobs feeling unfulfilled. The best careers for women in the future may not be the best paid.

   When considering going into higher education a woman often has to offset the costs with what her future salary will be. Job security in this uncertain economy is something many seek and few career  paths can guarantee that these days. Some of the best careers for the next ten years have a secure outlook in the medical industry and are highly sought after because of the high payment grade. Some of the best medical careers women aspire to are not only the best paid but are actually the most secure since there will always be a need for healthcare professionals. The average salary of a woman working as a physician is well over $100, 000 a year, and most experienced healthcare professionals can expect at least one and a half times the average paycheck that most Americans make.  Pharmacists are also among some of the top 25 paying careers for women even though they are only on the outskirts of the healthcare profession.

Though the medical field may seem like an obvious choice for a well paid career there are also far less grisly fields that women can enter and, with experience, expect to come out on top with their earnings. Though some may disagree that is not a grisly field, lawyers and legal council teams are often some of the highest paid careers with over 80% of the earnings in the legal field now going to women. This is also a career that with experience can net a woman a three figure or more salary to herself, but it requires many long hours of hard work and dedication. The trouble with this field is that it is also a certain type of woman who can be successful as a lawyer, and many are not suited or successful. It may be one of the best careers for women over 50 to retire from however since the consistently high pay that can be achieved throughout their working life will net them a considerable pension sum and retirement bonus for working long term with any office.

Strangely enough though women make up 48% of the work force only one makes the top 50 highest paid CEO list of American companies, and only then she comes in at number 48. Though we often think of CEOs as being some of the best paid people in the country few are women, and though many many aspire to the position it is still a predominantly male club. It is a shame that this is the case because as much research has shown the feminine way of leadership is far better and more beneficial to most company’s employees and bottom line. Some of the best careers for women over 40 are reported as CEO positions but sadly no woman has yet held them, or they have been snubbed on the pay scale compared to their male counterparts. Contrary to popular belief many companies have been caught openly discriminating against female employees when it comes to salary arrangements.

Another male dominated field that women are slowly starting to impose upon is the computer industry. Systems analysis and network security is one of the fastest growing careers women can enter. Computers have long been seen as a male dominated industry, but in the name of equality more women are learning that it is not only their geeky boyfriend who can hack into the neighbors’ wi-fi. This field is often highly suited for women as it requires an attention to detail and technical skill that the sex is known for. As the world becomes more technologically dependent so to does demand for careers in the field. The added bonus to this is that the basic educational requirements often mean that candidates can demand a higher salary for having additional and voluntary skills. Experience in the male dominated computer field can net a woman a salary far higher than some other fields.

Women may not have been paid equally to men in the past, and some still have to suffer that indignity. Finding a career that is not only lucrative but also fulfilling can lead to a comfortable and enjoyable job prospect. Women may not have considered some fields their role until now but times have changed and there are very few careers women are not welcome in, usually these aren’t the best paid anyway. The feminine approach to business has many companies reconsidering the roles of their women employees, and as the knowledge that women can outperform their male counterparts becomes more set women can easily expect higher salaries and more opportunities. Some of the best careers for women are in male dominated industries, but that shouldn’t stop candidates from making every effort to excel in them.


Nicole Clark
I am a freelance writer from studymooseI am a graduate of Psychology from the Columbia University in the City of New York, where I edited the literary journal and tutored students in writing. Worked in a wide range of areas related to writing, psychology, education, public speaking, essay and the psychology of technology.

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