Best Features Of Zize Bike’s Electronic Heavy Duty Bicycles

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Looking for a heavy duty bicycle? Then Zize Bike’s heavy duty bicycles are what you need.

Zize Bikes is known for its high quality and heavy duty bicycle. It has extensive selections. Aside from electric bikes, we also offer heavy duty bicycle and tricycles. For heavy duty bicycle, Zize Bikes takes pride for producing heavy duty bicycles that have the best features which include:


Heavy duty bicycle capacity


Zize Bikes is known as the sole manufacturer of heavy duty bicycle that can carry bikers weighing up to 550 pounds. But aside from this, it has heavy duty bicycles that are designed to carry riders of different sizes. Such heavy duty bicycles have a 250-pound capacity, 330, 400 and a 500-pound capacity.


Superior quality frame


Zize Bikes understand that the quality of frames must be put in top priority. Since most of our market is large riders, the quality of its frames is of great importance. Zize Bikes sees to it that our heavy duty bicycle can provide a base that is firmer and stronger than iron or steel without compromising the lightness and flexibility of the bike. We use chrome-moly steel tubing from aircraft industry to promote durability and firmness. Such type of alloy kept our heavy duty bicycle from being too heavy, but still providing a comfortable ride. Also, it uses rolled, seamless tubing making the frame hard if not impossible to split.


Unmatched quality


When it comes to quality, Zize Bikes’ heavy duty bicycles’ materials and construction are truly unmatched.It has superior design and construction, and they carry a wide array of Zize-appropriate accessories, each one is tested to be the best for its customer’s use. All parts and materials are meticulously checked and have passed the quality standards of the company.

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Large extra strong brakes

For extra-large heavy duty bicycle riders, the old-style little rubber pads attached to the end of the calipers as means of stopping is not enough. Nowadays, selecting the modern disc brakes is becoming the standard on more elite and high-class heavy duty bicycle. With this in mind, Zize Bikes requires having that large extra strong brakes to provide the basic needs of its customers. Taking in consideration that brakes are of great importance in ensuring the safety and convenience of its riders.


Large comfortable seats


Since Zize Bikes caters mostly dark riders of up to 550 pounds, we have put in mind that our electric heavy duty bicycle should have large comfortable seats. We believe that seats are known to be the comfort zone of the bike because the seat is where the rider meets the bike same as the tires are where the rubber meets the road. We considered that as riders get older or even get heavier, the seat is where the riders find relaxation, ease, and comfort.


Big extra strong tires


With Zize Bikes, rest assured that the tires don’t easily get flat even on bumpy and rocky roads. This makes a big difference for heavy riders, in particular for beginners. With Zize bikes, say goodbye to small and thin with low thread tires and enjoy biking with confidence thinking that your bike’s tires won’t get flat even on a long ride.


Reinforced pedals and cranks


Reinforced pedals and cranks are one of the important considerations in building extra strong. Others may think that these parts may seem so straightforward and unimportant, but if looked upon very carefully, you will come to believe it is actually a compelling piece of the bike that holds the weight of the rider when pedaling. The assembly of the pedals and cranks needs to be given extra attention since it is with the quality and strongly built of the pedals and cranks that will give a big contribution in making the ride a comfortable, easy and fast one especially while going uphill or when speeding up.


Custom Gears


Custom gears ensure a smooth and easier ride. Has anyone of you ever experienced riding in a bike with internal gears? Others may have gotten used to riding bikes without internal gears and experienced the hassles brought about by slipping gears, grease on legs or pants, falling off chains and finding timing in shifting. But with Zize Bikes’ electric heavy duty bicycle, you will be amazed at this amazing custom gears feature. With this, you will surely enjoy your ride free from any hassles.


Custom built finish


The looks and build of the bikes add confidence to the riders. This is why, aside from the superior quality of materials and superb requirements in the construction of the electric bikes, Zize Bikes makes sure that the heavy duty bicycles have that undeniably beautiful custom built finish meant for long-term use. This particular feature adds design and improved looks. Zize heavy duty bicycles are given extra time and effort to make it powder-coated. This eliminates the fear of losing the looks you’ve ever wanted in cases of the typical and standard bicycles only designed with less-expensive paints.


The Zize Bike Guarantee


Aside from heavy duty electric bike rider capacity, Zize Bikes also gives 100% guarantee, meaning if you don’t love its bike, they’ll repurchase it. It’s the superb offer, ever! Where else can you find such offer? It only proves that Zize Bikes has that level of confidence when it comes to the quality of its products.


Toll-free support


Zize Bikes also offers toll-free support in choosing the best bike and for customers’ technical questions. We made sure of customer satisfaction and affordability. Simply, Zize Bikes has best prices on the best products.

After knowing all the best features of Zize Bikes’ electric bicycles, you may be thinking of what to buy among its different product designs and offers. To help you decide, we are giving you the list of our best sellers for you to choose from.


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Our bestsellers came from different ZIZE Bikes’ e-bike classes or categories. First is the Day 6 Bikes which are well-known for being the comfortable pedal forward bicycle for heavy people. Worksman Cycles, on the other hand, are also plus-size cycle with heavy duty features and three-speed features. Pedego/ Mag Wheels among its other special features is well known for its frame geometry which provides an upright riding position. Lastly, IZIP e-bikes feature superior acceleration, torque, and handling.

Zize Bikes, being the leading electric heavy duty bicycle manufacturer in the market, offers its riders different electric heavy duty bicycles with certain best features deserved by each electric bike – lover. Zize Bikes have been in the industry for so long and has the best support and workforce to provide all customers with nothing but the best electric heavy duty bicycles everybody deserves.

Created with the so-called cutting-edge technology, superb design and high-quality materials and designs, Zize Bikes’ electric heavy duty bicycles are built to last. Riders can ride confidently, comfortably and easily knowing that our top-of-the-line bikes will enable them to enjoy years of reliable and promising service matched with proper care, love, and maintenance.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Zize Bike electric bike now!

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