Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers

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Useful job interview tips to be prepared for your next job in mind, this is very important tips and techniques that you should keep in mind and that will help you to be more relaxed and prepared to achieve the best impression that we all are after when it comes to this a lot of times hard to get opportunities in life,


Especially in this harsh economy that we live in, so keep reading this job interview tips and techniques and put them to work for you…

One of the more important advice that we can share with you is this, how to dress properly for a job interview:

When it comes to dressing properly for your soon to be new job is important that you do a little of your part by researching the company you are getting the opportunity to join, here are some things you can do; If you know somebody that already works for this company ask them about the dress code they utilize.

 if you don’t know anybody that works there doesn’t worry you can simply drive or walk by the company and get a basic idea of what you should look like dressing at the time of your job interview.

For companies that you know that they don’t expect suits or ties opting for dressing casually would be the best choice. Examples of what to wear to a job interview would be Slacks or Khakis with button-down ironed shirt, matching color shoes and the leather belt would define your casual look.

Keeping in mind that the first impression is the one that counts make sure that you clean polish your shoes the day before to ensure well and great first impression, even the smallest detail can bring everything downwards if we are not careful.

For a more formal industry such as banking or law office opt for a tie and suit, a basic black suit with matching the tie and black lace-up shoes, other colors can be dark navy or dark gray color suits.

Thinking always of looking more professional as possible make sure your job interview accessories are professional, take a briefcase or leather portfolio, in it, you can carry your written resume or other related documents like references etc.

Your hair and face appearance is very important so try to look as clean as possible and if you are cologne user use it at discretion. Introducing yourself is a very important part of that very first good and strong impression:

As we talk before is very important to look great at the time of your job interview, so take at least a half hour before your interview and make sure you look presentable, also getting on time to the job interview is one if not the most important aspect of the event, arriving about 15minutes before will give you enough time for checking your appearance one more time before you enter your job interview.

Properly introduce yourself:

Looking at the interviewer at the eyes stand up and take one step forward
firmly shaking hands if this is the case introduce your-self politely.

Be polite to your interviewer and use their surname for example,( Hello Mr.
Jones, it’s nice to meet you, My name is Edward ).

Next, do not take a sit until your interviewer has done so or asks you to do so.

During the Job Interview keep an eye on the interviewer;s body language,
explain him (her) your qualifications for the job when you are asked, always
keeping it in a way that is interesting and relevant to the subject.

Wait until he or she completes a question or sentence before responding or
asking a question or making a comment.

Never Interrupt an interviewer, and if you don’t understand a question always ask them politely to repeat or explain it before you answer something not relevant to the subject you are been asked for.

After the Job Interview took place:

Always send a thank you note or letter after each interview, this looks professional at the same time it shows that you are polite and serious about the job and lets them know that you are expecting to hear from them by keeping in contact with them via letter or another method.

When sending an appreciation letter or thank you letter you don’t have to
mention your qualifications for the job since you already covered them at the job
interview, instead let the company and the interviewer know how much you enjoyed the interview and to meet them in person and also restate your desire for the job.

After all this accomplished just follow up with your potential employer by calling
them if you haven’t heard back from them, is recommended that you wait until the day after the decision date to do the follow-up.

DO NOT GIVE UP if you don’t get the job, instead always ask for constructive criticism for not qualifying for the job, is important to get their point of view so that you can sharpen up and refine your job interviews and follow up skills for your future meetings.

This post is contributed by Vinita Sonawane. She is a part-time blogger and full-time freelance writer from last 5 years. She is working as an editor for Sure Recruitment and she enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. We hope you will like this post.




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