Best sites to prepare for Programming Interviews

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Best sites to prepare for Programming Interviews

1.HackerRank :This is the one of the best site while preparing for companies like Amazon Google some other. I prefer this site bcaz of

  • Site UI is very good.

  • Practicing will give you more concentration.

  • Good encouragement for solving every problem they give points for every problem(Hackos)

  • Hacker Rank T-shirts for the contest Top rankers.

Register to Hacker Rank Here

2.Interview Bit :It is also the one of the good website like Hackerrank , they you will see similar kind of things .This InterviewBit is in the Beta version so register account and solve the questions as soon as possible , I know Beta versions will help us lot by bringing more opportunities.Reasons to prefer InterviewBit

  • If you completed all the levels of Algorithms they provide referrals to you.

  • They will be the levels of interview preparation.

  • Similar to HackerRank here also you will earn coins for every submission.

  • Good UI

  • If you created account in the Beta version and got the Job they will give Benefit of 25000/-

  • Extra thing we see in this website is Mock interview preparation.

So, i suggest you to Open the account in the InterviewBit and start practicing from today.HackerRank has many members but, InterviewBit not so we will get more opportunities.

==>Register to InterviewBit Here

3.GeeksforGeeks: This website is good if you have the more time for preparation this website will teach you from scratch. so, you will become a successful coder to the end.

choose the best one which you want and go practice daily. Based on reviews and my experience i suggest to go with InterviewBit as we know basic knowledge in coding.

  • In GeeksforGeeks you will find many topics

  • Almost all the CS subjects are available.

  • Extra topics like Quiz and puzzles.

==>Register to Hacker Rank Here


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