Best Summer Yet

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2017 might go down as the best summer yet! With my second semester of college starting up I had to go balls to the wall and do some insane adventures this summer. From skydiving adventures to diving and exploring, there was no shortage of fun on my radar this summer. Here is what went down this summer.


Niagara Falls


I started my summer off with a trip to Canada and a visit to Niagara Falls where we hiked some amazing trails and witnessed an amazing site where water gushed from the top of a ledge and poured down on the world with pure power. The idea behind water constantly pouring off of a cliff’s edge will make you think for a bit about how much water the earth is truly made of, it’s insane. Watching this marvelous wonder live was an experience I will never forget. If you make the trip you have to check out the Cave of The Winds. It’s an insane spectacle.


NFL Hall of Fame


Next, I journeyed to Canton Ohio where I took a tour through the NFL Hall of Fame. It was a very interesting trip and fun experience for any fan of American Football. The history of the NFL is rich with culture and big personalities. Reading some of the stories behind these players that paved the way for modern day NFL is inspiring. The NFL has grown into a monster as it acquired all the smaller leagues in the U.S. What we have now is the best American Football league the country has ever witnessed.Athletes are bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic than ever. Learning about the history of the game was an awesome experience.



Yellowstone National Park


Next, I took a few days and hiked through one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Yellowstone National Park. We hiked for three days and encountered a bear, wolf, and elk. The wild life was abundant and the plants and trees were so lush, colorful, and full of health that you couldn’t help but wonder what life would have been like discovering this precious piece of land. The Government has done a decent job preserving the lands and monuments like Old Faithful for generations ahead to enjoy. There are still some jerks that go into Yellowstone and litter trash and act like the property is city grounds or something. I had to check a few people, and one guy especially. He acted like an idiot and got caught with an overhand right. No better place to get knocked out than in the park!



What Happens In Vegas – Stays In Vegas




Wyoming was amazing, after a healthy dose of the outdoor life I was ready for some sin city action. We drove out of Wyoming and headed down to Vegas for a few days. We arrived at the MGM Grand and got checked into our room. After a quick power nap, shower, and a few shots we were good to go. We headed out on the town to gamble some of our hard earned cash away. After that, we went to the strip club where we threw money at beautiful girls for the night and burned through our cash. We made it back to the MGM in one piece but were completely beat from the night. Vegas was cool, I had done that trip before with some friends but this was a lot of fun. As nice as it was though, I was ready to get back to the great outdoors. Time for Arizona.


Sedona Red Rocks


Driving from Nevada to AZ wasn’t bad. We ended making a few stops along the way but eventually made it to Oak Creek Village. There were actually a few good restaurants there that we ate at. Some local brews and some creative culinary dishes that I had not seen before. We had contemplated hiring a Jeep tour guide to show us the beautiful trail heads in Sedona. The problem became that none of us wanted to sit in the back, and all of us wanted to drive!! I searched around online and found a company that basically rents 4×4 Jeeps for adventures and excursions. I found a place called MYE Jeep that actually rented us the vehicle with a GPS system and a map that allowed us to find our way through the trails and eventually back to our place safe and sound. MYE Jeep was by far the best option for four wheel’n in Sedona. The Sedona hillside is something amazing and should be explored by anyone visiting Sedona, Arizona.



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