Best VPN Service for China

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The virtual private network allows the users to access the internet with security. By using VPN, one can easily hide his/her identity. Due to this characteristic, sharing of different type of data on the public network does not reveal your personal information. Its functioning is same like a firewall. The difference is only that firewall works offline also and VPN works online. A firewall protects your data on your computer while VPN hides your identity from the outer world on the internet. VPN technically works as WAN (Wide Area Network). Both have a similar functioning, security measure and appearance on private networks.

    The Chinese government has imposed many restrictions on the internet users. They cannot access many social and other websites. Some of them are as follows:

?    Google services

?    Yahoo

?    Youtube

?    Facebook

?    Wikipedia

?    Github

?    Pinterest

?    Twitter

?    Bloomberg

?    Tumbler

    This list does not end here. There are many other foreign websites, news outlets, mobile & PC apps, social platform and web services are banned in China. 

    China is a sole country who is interrupting internet freedom and online privacy. They have developed a strong Cyber security system in their country. They have “Great Firewall” system which even does not allow the users to use blocked sites through a VPN. This system is functioning under the tough scrutiny measures. Therefore, different VPN providers are struggling hard for fulfilling requirements of Chinese cyber security authorities. They are continuously working on different innovative techniques. They are also investing in bringing new and enhanced equipment to compete for the emerging needs for a reliable VPN.

    On the other Hand, Chinese government alters its laws on every third day. It is just to discourage the use of VPNs among their citizens. It is also said that VPNs are allowed in China. But in actual they exist in the gray area.

    However, the main aim of VPN providers is to offer a variety of features which are as follows:

?    Access a Business Network While Travelling

?    Access Your Home Network While Travelling

?    Hide Your Browsing Activity From Your Local Network and ISP

?    Access Geo-Blocked Websites

?    Bypass Internet Censorship

?    Downloading Files

Choice for a VPN:

     There are numerous VPN services. Some are offering free services as a test drive while others are fully featured and paid. It is obvious that a paid services would give you more incentives like fast speed, more security, stabilities and most important of these unblocking capabilities. Their main focus is giving best online experience to its users.

    There are four most reliable and secure VPN providers. These are as follows:

Pure VPN:

    It is known as Torrent friendly. As we are well aware of this fact that torrent websites are blocked in many countries. But Pure VPN makes it possible to access these sites. It also gives 24/7 live chat support. It also offers highly functional 5 multi-login features. This feature allows a user to connect to a single VPN from any device at same time.

Nord VPN:

    It is ranked among the list of many popular VPN services in China. This VPN is preferable because of its distinctive features. It offers 550+ servers distributed across 49+ countries including France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, UK, United States and more.

Express VPN:    

    It provides improved services in Chine for many years. It has 97+ servers in 78+ countries. It ensures the instant access to restricted websites and apps from within China. Due to its long-term working boundaries, you can rely on it. It also offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Concluding Thoughts:

    It is proved that China has the most powerful internet censorship program. But there are few VPNs which are ensuring ultimate unblocking features.

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