Best Ways to Save Money on Your Next Luxury Property Move

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Wherever you are moving from, or to, it is expensive. Particularly in a city or highly desirable area, it is important you are able to look around and find the best deals. Once you have actually bought the house it is nowhere near over; rental vans, furniture, cleaning and repairs are just a few costs that are often unforeseen. Whilst the fact you’re looking for a luxury home means that you aren’t short of money, saving money should always be a high consideration as you don’t want to waste that hard earned cash you have. Below are a few helpful tips to help you save some money and make the most of your cash where it is really needed.


Decide What You Really Need


Although it may be tempting to try and fit your entire house into tiny cardboard boxes, it’s unlikely that you can. Even if you do manage it, the extra costs of larger rental vans means you’re spending unnecessarily. Now is the perfect time to clear the rubbish and move into your new place with only the stuff you need. With the extra bits you no longer require, you can either sell them to friends and family, online, or even go to a car boot to generate extra spending money on your lovely belongings for your new property; or at least pay for your rental van!


Review Your Bills


Either before, during or after moving, this easy step can save you heaps of cash. Get online, look at the prices you’re currently paying and see if you can beat them with other companies. Once you’ve done this, make a note of the deals you’ve found and call your current provider. More often than not, they will offer you an even better deal to prevent you from leaving, so you pay less and get to stay with your current provider. Competition is stiff in Manchester so you won’t have any problems getting a better deal, just be stubborn with the deals to get the best one. You could potentially spend £100’s on bills without much effort at all, so make the change as soon as possible to save money on your next property move.


Get a Survey Done


Although your new property may look perfect, it is likely weaknesses will be hidden where you’d never expect, and this could cause major issues in the future. So, to be safe, get a house survey completed to evaluate the condition of the property, flag up any issues that there may be and then inform the owners as it may affect the price of the house considerably. Although there is an initial cost, the potential costs of any hidden surprises would almost certainly be far more so it’s worth the expense. Also, make sure you have a good conveyancer! As it is such a complex process, you want to make sure you are confident in your conveyancer so there are no issues and it doesn’t add to your stress over the moving period. There are plenty of conveyancing solicitors all over the country depending on where you’re based so you will be covered in all eventualities.


Ask For Favours!


You’d be surprised how many people you can find to help you out with the little things and avoid unneeded expenses. All the times you’ve helped out friends, family and neighbours in the past can be used in exchange for favours back! With a couple of extra cars, the odd handyman and friends to help strip walls and clean you will have already saved so much more than you’d think. Before booking anything, it’s worth asking around to save money and also time.


Compare Quotes




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Just like the bills, it’s important to compare and haggle with quotes involved with moving. Take advantage of the competitive market by challenging external companies like house surveys, cleaners and moving services. Shopping around can save so much money for your next property move, so this is a must!

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