Best Wholesale e Liquid Flavors for the Fall Season

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The summer will soon be coming to a close. The leaves will begin to change color and the temperatures will start to drop. With September a month away, Autumn is nearing. And as the seasons change, it’s a great time to change your vape routine. Switching your juice to flavors that are tailored to the tastes of fall will get you and your customers more in the spirit of the season. You’ll have to put in your orders soon, so now is the time to start considering what Wholesale e liquid flavors you want to offer to your customers for the fall 2017 season!

Nothing beats a hayride on a farm to go pick apples on a cool day in early September. Supply your customers with vape that will bring out the sweet taste of freshly-picked fall apples. Liquid State’s Apple Butter juice emulates the taste of caramelized apples mixed with spiced cinnamon, making for a sweet apple pie taste – a fall favorite. Sinful Sweets’ Sugared Apple will taste like autumn’s staple caramelized apples. And Pour House’s Southpaw will taste like a scrumptious apple pastry. Satisfy your customers’ fall apple cravings with any of these great flavor options.

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a bonfire on a chilly autumn night, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. The Privilege e liquid by 100 Club will be the perfect match for such a night. This cigar-blend juice is mixed with a smooth vanilla cream with a touch of caramel and burnt sugar, making for a comforting taste on such a night. Or stock some of Ferrum City’s Torched juice. This liquid puts a spin on the classic s’mores that your customers will be whipping up around that fire. Torched takes the taste of fire-roasted marshmallows and puts them right in the middle of two homemade sugar cookies. Finally, Wild Petals’ Purple Twilight Temptation is a great match for any cool fall night. This flavor has the taste of a chewy grape candy. There are plenty of other candy-inspired juices as well.

The best part of Halloween is the loads of candy that we get to eat. Let your customers kick off the holiday early with a number of candy-themed juices. The Red rocks e liquid is made to taste like Swedish Fish! Any user will recognize the sweet taste of the classic chewy red fish-shaped candy in this liquid’s vapor. Pour House’s Mad Mix liquid tastes of a sweet strawberry apple candy that will satisfy any vaper’s sweet tooth. And the Panda Joy flavor creates vapor tasting of a chocolate covered coconut candy bar – a delicious Halloween treat.

Autumn is the season of harvest , so what better way to get in the spirit than with King of the Cloud’s Lunar Harvest liquids? Lunar Harvest is King of the Cloud’s most popular flavor, evoking the taste of berries, rock candy, and blue cotton candy. Lunar Harvest Black puts twist on the original by replacing blueberries with blackberries. There’s also a Solar Harvest juice that packs the punch of berries, cherry, and red rock candy.

Or enjoy a taste of vapor that will evoke some sweets that are perfect for the cool fall weather. Warm up with a hot plate of fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup when vaping Vapor Maid’s Pancake Maple Berry liquid. Or have a tasty dessert after a long day raking leaves with Savage’s “Jackman” flavor. Jackman tastes of a rich coffee cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream – the perfect autumn treat.

Ring in the fall season by stocking any of these wholesale e liquid flavors. Your customers will love to change with the leaves as they try a new flavor of juice. Each of these flavors will make a great match with any fall activity and will evoke the tastes of autumn through their vaping. All of the wholesale e liquid flavors discussed in this article are available from wholesalers such as Kingdom Vapor. Stock up for the fall today at!

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