Bill Cox’s Indie Dark Comedy Film Beer and Seed

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Houston, TX – Bill Cox is proud to announce the release of Beer and Seed, an indie dark comedy film starring Tom Combs and Bill Cox, and directed by Seth Conway.

Beer and Seed is the story of a veteran named “Bill” who tries to start over by attending college, however it doesn’t go well when he finds himself  trying to fit in with a much younger crowd. The film takes a humorous look at college vice and includes the hit comedy song “I Love the Fat Chicks”.


The film shares a few similarities with “Small College” and “Central Michigan University”. CMU is known as one of the top party schools in the nation in the ’80’s. Some of the similarities found in the movie with CMU are: the college name  “Central College”, the movie slogan “Where learning is taught” and the real life mascot the Chippewa’s is referred to as “The Chimps”.

This film includes supporting roles by Dessa Erica, Dan Lewis, Roger Eduardo Palomino, Andrew Peacock, Jeff Raines, Endicott Sawyer, Jon Sick, Christine Thuy Nga Tran and Jessica Vasquez.

This hilarious comedy has already garnered rave reviews by online reviewers of the award winning dark comedy on Amazon.


Chuck Gallagher who gave the movie five stars says this, “BEER & SEED was just funny. This is one of those films that fits for multiple generations. Crazy at it might seem, there is real genius here – fresh and done from a new perspective. “I Love the Fat Chicks” animated piece was classic. Well worth a look!”

Haley Moore who also gave the movie five stars writes, “Hilarious! It’s definitely got The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly underlying themes. I was absolutely in love with the rawly animated scene I love the fat chicks! It was random, laugh out loud gold!” Finally, she adds, “This movie will make you an indie fan!”


JMAuthor stated the film was “funny and entertaining.” He relates, “I have never experienced college. I’ve heard plenty of stories though. And, some of the scenes definitely reminded me of those stories and I wonder what I would’ve found if I had gone to college.” JMAuthor also gave the movie five stars.

Based on the numerous five star reviews, this independent film is a must-see for great laughs and is available for streaming or immediate download on


Visit Amazon for more details and download a copy of Beer and See

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