Bonk Be Live A Unique Android App In The World With AR And 3D Gifts

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Social media has become the sensation in the last decade, which has now become a fifty billion industry within a matter of years. The technology has further improved on the mobile platform, which has given birth to new innovation like Instagram and Whatsapp, which is now taken by the Facebook.

According to many sources streaming online is the next generation technology that will rule the next decade. Services like Netflix, which is a streaming app that is worth $61B and they are growing rapidly. A new technology that is merged with the streaming will become the next big thing. 

Bonk Be. Live  – Bonk Be Live



More than a billions of people are connected to the Internet and they tune in everyday to browse on their favorite platforms. Bonk Be Live an Android and iOS application that is based on user-based streaming site. 

Boink Live Streaming Corporation has collaborated with many experts in the field to make virtual reality and augmented reality possible with the Bonk Be Live app and they have also collaborated with the Imagically as well.

The technology is pushing its limits to retire the old technology that has been functioning for a long time and Generation Z are the fourth reveloution. The upgrading process is multiplying every moment by adding great value to the Intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, material science, storage, quantum computing, and more.

Boink live streaming corporation is working to changes to their new Bonk Be. Live application, more than a million dollar has been spent to improve the artificial intelligence and make sure that the streaming technology on the platform is number one. If you have never heard of the IoT (the Internet of Things), which is an emerging system that is utilized via Internet , which transfers data over a networl. The system will transfer data to communicate computer to compter to give you faster results. 

Bonk Be. Live application is working to improve the streaming platform and also add audio that has more appealing ring to it. Most of the social media sites have added the streaming feature to their platform and promoting them as LIVE thing but the audio in the live feed’s is distorred and doesn’t sound natural.

As we all know that the social media posts are limited due to the various reasons but Bonk Be. Live is the only platform that allows you to post outside material like pictures, images, texts, videos, and more.

Bonk Be. Live has an premium service, which will allow you to take the personal experience to another level, the story telling process will improve and streamers will be able to stream on high-qulaity video and audio will be top notch. The social media security has become a cause of concern but profile privacy is highly encrypted, so the security will be top notch.

What goes on Internet stays there forever, this is what experts says when it comes to posting something on the Internert. However, that is only for the popular figures in the industry. What about the common people?

 The Boink Live streaming corporation has teamed up with the Imagically team, who have coupled with interactive writers who have telling their stories online.

Boink Live Streaming corporation has seen changes made by the social media giant facebook to their platform, which has changed a lot in the market. They have used their online properties they have acquired few years back like Instagram and Whatsapp. They have added Messenger, Live option, and used Instagram for promotion as well. The facebook Live features is copied from the Twitter, Snapchat, and Bonk Be Live to create a new kind of technology.  

Social networking apps have impacted the smartphone market a lot and the latest versions have attracted many smartphones users to adapt to the change. The Bonk Be. Live app comes with AR technology, Live streaming video and augmented reality. 

The digital advertising in 2018 is going to become the year, when Bonk Be. Live is taking off. The virtual reality and augmented reality with the help of 3D, its going to become a major sensation.

No Android or iOS application has the feature of augmented reality and virtual reality together in a streaming app.



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