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qweWhere did Bitcoin and Blockchain start? 

An alias known as Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin and Bitcoin Blockchain. In 

reality, no one knows the real name of the Bitcoin inventor. The first blockchain 

was developed in 2008 as a backbone for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Many people 

believe that Bitcoin and Blockchain work together and interchangeable. However, 

the blockchain can operate independently of any cryptocurrency. The blockchain 

concept was quickly applied to many different applications, and as of 2014, this 

technology was used over eighty other applications. 

Blockchain 2.0 was released in 2014. The goal was to create a difference be- 

tween Blockchain and Bitcoin and define their role more fully. To make the things 

more clear – Bitcoin is just one application that Blockchain can be applied to. The 

blockchain was developed even further so the more features could be added to it. 

The Blockchain technology is becoming extremely popular along with Smart Con- 


Few facts 

• Blockchain has change how we approach business and technology. 

• New apps are introduced using blockchain technology. 

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