Broadcast Your Celebrations With Live Streaming Pro- Device

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“The more you celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

This line has always been true in every scenario. One should celebrate every auspicious moment regardless it’s big or small for them. Also, as the joy of sharing is the thing of beauty, one must not forget that sharing happiness with everyone on occasions is like icing the cake you always wanted to have.
Dushera_600X600_postCelebrating with everyone not only spreads happiness but also invokes the sense of unity, sharing and caring among people. In today’s day to day busy life it’s not possible at times for all people to gather for any gathering or festival. India is known as the ‘Land of Festivals’ and among the numerous festivals, the country has a festival named Dussehra which marks the victory of good over evil. This festival is celebrated throughout the country with great spirit. At the break of dusk after rituals, one can experience the dark night sky colored in many eye pleasing pleasant shades as a result of fireworks.

Now imagine yourself as the part of crowd enjoying the fireworks and then you get urge to share the fascinating view with your significant other or the family members sitting far away or just wanna LIVE Stream your event on your desired social platform. But then you realize that it’s too late and nothing much can be done about it which leaves a tingling sadness sensation in you.

Now imagine enjoying the same night with everyone else as well even when they are away, because they will be seeing the same view in High Definition as you are LIVE through your device. Brings you happiness, right?

Well, Dussehra is not over yet! You can be the person in latter scenario if you play wise now.

Freedocast brings you the Live Broadcasting or LIVE Streaming in HD Quality this Dussehra, with added benefit of sharing this happiness not only on any one social platform but on numerous platforms of your choice, whether be it Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Periscope. The broadcast procedure is extremely lucid and easy to understand

Connect your Video Source to Freedocast Pro device. It uses its own cloud service to transmit the data. Start streaming to Facebook or any social platform such as Twitter, YouTube or Periscope. Main advantage of having a live streaming Pro device is the bit-rate adaptability issue. You are in a zone with low bandwidth occupancy? No problem! This amazing device will manage the situation for you, also not to forget that it has a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 3 hours while Live streaming in High Definition. Happiness of Freedocast team lies in broadcasting some of the most beautiful moments of your life. For the countless pleasant experiences you encounter presently or will encounter in future, it is made sure they reach to people linked to you. While you enjoy the scenic beauty or the celebration, it will be made sure that the same experience flows through the people with whom you want to share on desired social platform. So, what are you waiting for? Start celebrating with no regrets while spreading happiness around the globe and making the day better for everyone as -“Sharing is Caring.”

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