But luxury doesn’t make you classy

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Luxury is something that needn’t be something you own or possess, it is something that you are all about. There are folks who own expensive shit and yet poop at a party, there are folks who are broke almost always, and yet when they walk in, you just know there’s something extravagant, affordable and priceless that passed you by.

I, as a person, love dressing up as a lady of extravagance, which means I don’t like leaving home in cargo’s and a T-shirt drooping over my shoulders. I generally expect to look my absolute best before I head out of home.

In these 25 years, I have learnt one thing, that luxury is more about a sense of style and poise about a person or a thing, not merely the “expense” of the product.

It takes a confident person to be a piece of luxury. Here are some tips that may help you be one:

1. The elan walk

Own the world and walk with confidence. The “walk” alone can mend a lot of things for you and trust me, it is the quality of the most luxe people I’ve known.

2. The elan talk

The way you talk, boy, it talks a lot about you. An appetite for good intellectual conversation is a sign of a luxurious mind and soul, and only a few have it in them. 

3. Window-shop frequently

It’s important to stay updated and up-market about the latest trends and services. Luxury is not filling up your bag with cash and jumping into your vintage car and heading on a shopping spree. It’s more about knowing the what’s what and who’s who of trends.

4. Shop carefully

A luxury freak will never shop for something mediocre. He is not afraid to do the research before he buys his stuff. He knows exactly how he likes it and will compromise for nothing less. 

5. It’s all about you

Finally, it’s the attitude that makes people around you turn their heads when you walk. If you want people to label you “classy” you’ve got to walk the right moves.

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