Buy Porsche Macan Miami – What You Need To Know?

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Are you planning to Buy Porsche Macan Miami? Then it is wise to pay attention to a number of things. Generally likes to come with you. Therefore, we will give you tips that may be useful when purchasing a new car.

Buy Porsche Macan Miami

Buying and driving a new car is more expensive than buying an occasion. This is evident from research by the Consumer Union. But enjoying the latest gadgets and technologies and the low maintenance in the early years is of course worthwhile. What do you consider when buying a new car?

Tips For Buying New Car

1. Determine Your Wishes And Compare New Cars

Researching the car that suits your situation is advisable. Think about which you will use a new car. Do you use this to transport items, bring children to the football club, and go on vacation or for work-related traffic? Which model and what kind of fits best? When choosing your car, you should at least remember:

Used Porsche Macan Miami

A second-hand car is interesting if you are in the car more often alone or in the car. A four-door sedan, a station wagon or even an MPV is useful if you travel more often together or with the family.


The height of the car In a high-rise car, you slide into the chair almost without passing through the knees or by stretching yourself. Also for people with back problems and long people, a high-level drive of a car is very pleasant. Do you have young children? A high entry level is useful if you need to mount a child seat, you do not have to bend so deeply when installing a child seat or snap the seat belts

Brand, Model, Performance, And Options

A new car can also be purchased via other brands via the brand dealer like Porsche dealer. You can also shop with other car companies and search the web for the lowest price.

Fuel consumption

The number of kilometres you drive on a yearly basis determines whether you choose a gasoline or diesel car or a car on LPG. Do you drive a lot of kilometres a year? Then LPG is by far the most advantageous. However, installing an LPG plant costs a lot of money and road tax is significantly higher than when you drive on gasoline or diesel. Diesel can also be interesting if you make many miles. In addition, a diesel engine has more tensile power than a gasoline engine. Useful if you hang a caravan behind the car


When choosing a car that is friendlier to the environment, you are often cheaper in use. Of course, the latter depends on where you use the car and what your driving style is.

Safety Features

The safer your car, the better. For yourself, your family and other road users

Cost of ownership and use

When calculating your car costs, we distinguish between fixed and variable costs. Think of age, car insurance, car tax, maintenance, parking costs (fixed) and mileage, fuel, repair and maintenance (variable) depreciation. 

New or Never Used

A new car is often more expensive to buy, but cheaper than a second-hand car. Also, a new car is often a better guarantee

2. Calculate fixed car costs

Based on the brand and type of your desired model, you can calculate car costs for your own situation. Consider fuel consumption, insurance costs, and road taxes.

3. Test drive in new car

Each car dealer has shown models in this case, which you can view extensively and take a free trial for free. It is always wise to make a test drive. Both when buying a second-hand car and when purchasing a new car. With a new car, you need to pay less attention to defects. In particular, concentrate on road traffic, driving comfort, road and seat vision. More about making a test drive.

4. Dare to negotiate

Prepare your maximum and minimum price. You can also negotiate the price and conditions when purchasing a new car. For example, consider additional accessories or free delivery costs. Try to find out what’s included in the price. Do not you like to negotiate? Then bring someone who likes this. Do you want to exchange the old car? Take this into the negotiations.

5. Delivery time for new car

The delivery of a new car may expire. Settling a delivery period during the sale is wise. Let it know what happens if the car is not delivered on time

6. Put the purchase in writing

Recording all agreements with the seller in writing is important. Consider the purchase price, delivery date, colour, and model and type of car you purchased. Also, consider the accessories to be supplied.

7. Check factory warranty

A new car has a factory warranty of at least two years. Some brands offer three or more years warranty. The warranty does not cover everything, for example, normal wear and tear maintenance. Ask for it and read the warranty terms.

8. Make the paper in order

Usually, the garage company can put the car’s license plate on your behalf. You can also contact the post office or one of the Post agencies. You must show a valid ID in both cases. The RDW now provides a license plate; this is the replacement of the paper registration certificate. Do you trade or sell your old car? Do not forget to ask for a safeguard certificate.

9. Ensure your new car

From the moment your new car is on the license plate, you are required to complete at least one WA insurance. This insurance only covers damage to others and their items. Many people choose to ensure a new car All Risk.


When buying a second-hand car, you often notice things other than a new version. Therefore, a handy overview: what should you consider when buying an occasion.


Generally would like to make sure that insurance is clear. Therefore, we also provide online explanations and answers to all kinds of questions. Want to know more about buying a new car, ending car insurance for your new car, or have other questions? Feel free to contact us. This can be by phone, by e-mail, via chat and via the web form.


Champion Porsche answers your questions and provides you with practical assistance and advice if you need it.

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