BYD Qing100 Made Appearance at MWC Carrying ADUPS Promote Driving Experience

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MWC opened in Shanghai on 28th June, 2017. As the advance FOTA system supporter ADUPS attended this exhibition with the theme of “more smart of the terminal”. ADUPS together with BYD showed the innovative solutions of Internet-of-vehicle OTA.

Merit?: By using ADUPS FOTA, promote all-round driving experience

 In order to promote users’ experience, BYD collaborate strategically with ADUPS in 2016 and ensure the electric vehicle can have FOTA promotion function. On one hand, by using FOTA function optimizes the configuration continually, improves potential secure problems and makes vehicle system keep pace with the tide. On the other hand, this ensures the version of system update steadily, and offers new functions for users continually, at the same time, optimizes and updates the human-computer interface for catching the best experience. ADUPS FOTA improves the vehicle experience from security, stability and user experience and etc.

Merit ?: Beautiful Appearance—center control big panel

Qing 100 has obvious changes than 1.5T(Special Edition). The center control part had been redesigned. It’s steering wheel with a flat bottom, a large center control LCD. It has 360 panoramic image, navigation, entertainment and some other functions.

Merit ?: Motive Power– duration performance 100 kilometers

This electric vehicle exhibited is the upgrade of the old one. The external form was adjusted slightly, the designation and practice functions are all improved. What’s more, the new version adds the capacitance of battery, so the duration performance raise to 100 kilometers. This innovation start “one hundred kilometers pure electric power era” of the hybrid vehicle of China market

Merit ?: Configuration—upgrade by upgrade

On configuration, the new BYD vehicle has electric back door, panoramic skylight, PM2.5 green air-clean-system, front seats ventilation and heating function. In security aspect, the new car has self-adaption cruise function, blind spot warnings function, all-round 360 images function.

This time BYD Qing100 is firstly applied ADUPS FOTA and also “AUDPS ?BYD group” shows their achievements after struggling 300 days and nights.

As the upgrading version vehicle, Qing 100 pure electric duration, the base of the vehicle setting and technology configuration all has big progress. We believe that Qing100 with OTA function can bring the users eternal new experience and lead new energy vehicle tide.

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