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Candid photos are tough capture when the object is in motion. It isn’t about capturing moments, but emotions behind the moments. In a blink the moment fleets not waiting for a second.  Candid shots are unplanned or not posed. There are no poses for candid photography. Candid shots are best taken during a get together, parties, picnic, hangouts, events etc. How to take candid photos? Listed here are a few candid photography tips that can help you to sharpen your skills in candid shots.

1. Aperture/ Shutter Priority Modes – Most DSLR brands generally have two semi automatic modes called Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority. As because manual mode is too slow for candid photos, so it is better using these instead.

In Aperture Priority, you have to set your ISO and aperture values, following which the camera automatically adjusts shutter speed for better exposure. In Shutter Priority, you have to set your ISO and shutter speed values, and then the camera automatically makes it self compatible with the aperture for proper exposure.


Tips – Aperture Priority is better if the light is low or if you need a bokeh that is background blur. Shutter Priority is good if you are trying to capture moving objects, such as sports or children.


2. Zoom Lens or Prime Lens – In candid shots there isn’t time to switch between lenses or go around repositioning yourself to accommodate to a fixed focal length. So here it is better to go for a zoom lens than a prime lens.


The zoom lens cover a wide range while short focal length is better for group shots while a tele photo focal length is perfect for a close up and for keeping distance.


3. Use natural Light only – When the location changes, the first thing you should look for is the direction and quality of natural light. Then expose your camera in accordance.


4. Change Autofocus Mode – Most of the DSLRs have at least two autofocus modes. The first mode is One Shot AF (on Canon models) or Single Point AF – S (on Nikon models). Most photographers use this mode.


The other mode is known as AI Servo AF (on Canon models) or Continuous AF – C (on Nikon models), which continually auto focuses as camera detects the motion. Though this is used not very often, but it’s good for high action shots.


5. Take multiple shots – Best Candid photography can be a real challenge for newbies. It is advisable to take more than one picture at once to never miss a perfect shot.


6. Shoot in Burst Mode – If you are sceptical about missing any moment the shooting in Drive mode (on Canon models) or Burst mode (on Nikon models) will be better. The two modes are more or less the same. In these modes, you will be able to HOLD DOWN the shutter button to take shot after shot at multiple frames per second. It will only stop when you let it go.


7. Don’t Put the Camera Down – In a candid photoshoot there is no scope for laziness. Keep your camera ready because a beautiful moment doesn’t knock on the door and occur. More candid photography ideas are available on the web.


8. Learn to use Post Process applications – Generally candid photo shoot are most prone to imperfections. Most of the time, your exposure will be off so a good composition is hard to hit. Learning Light room or Photoshop is advisable.


9. Shoot in RAW Format for post process – In need of post process of the photos, you MUST consider shooting in RAW format in place of JPG format. RAW files contain more image information than the JPG files thus giving you more editing flexibility.


Now when your answer to the question how to take candid photography is answered, go ahead for canvas prints. Canvera digital photo services offer canvas photo prints.

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