CBD oil review

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CBD oil is an oil obtained from the stalk and seeds of cannabis plant, which is also known as hemp plant. There are 85 different cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant and CBD hemp oil is the one with the highest concentration of compound CBD. CBD is a bit less common as compared to THC but the difference among these two it that THC causes psychotropic effects while CBD is non-psychotropic. Thus CBD hemp oil is extracted from those varieties of cannabis which have high proportion ob CBD and are low in THC concentration.

Extraction :

The extraction process starts from identifying the right plant. A plant which has high CBD amount is selected and the process is applied on it. There are many different ways to extract CBD oil from canabis plant.


l  In this process carbon dioxide is used to extract CBD oil. Carbon dioxide is used under high pressure and low temperatures. This isolates the CBD oil from plant which is then used for different purposes. This process requires very heavy and expensive machinery and thus is very costly method.

l  Ethanol can also be used to extract CBD oil from cannabis plant. High grade grain alcohol is used which extracts the right quality of CBD oil which can be used afterwards. The only negative side of this process is that is destroys the plant waxes and the plant doesn’t remain in a proper condition to extract any other bi-product.

Extracting CBD oil ith the help of olive oil is the most inexpensive and safe method for extraction of CBD oil from cannabis plant. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the product obtained after this process needs to be kept in a cold and darker place.

Benefits :


If used in the right way, CBD oil has many benefits


l  It can act as a pain killer and can also provide a relief from stiffness. CBD has non-psychoactive properties and can cure chronic pain.

l  CBD oil can be consumed in the form of vapors through a vaporizer and can act as a replacement of cigarettes. Thus, CBD oil can help you to overcome the problem of smoking.

l  CBD oil has proven to be a cure for epilepsy and has shown certain properties which can help to prevent epilepsy.


l  Cancer can also be prevented by the use of CBD oil because CBD oil has the tendency to stop the growth of cancer cells and can also be the cause of death of cancer cells.

Side effects :


There have not been many side effects reported due to the use of CBD oil and it doesn’t have any affect on the nervous system and doesn’t alter the mood of a person despite of a heavy dosage. The only problem faced after using CBD oil is tiredness and some people have also claimed that it causes diarrhea. Therefore, CBD is considered as a safe product and is available in the market and can be used anytime.

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