Celebs who are good at gambling

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Usually, when it comes to a successful gambler, people don’t imagine a high-paying Hollywood actor or a show business star, however, in fact, for some of them, visiting a casino often ends up winning several thousand dollars. Of course, it’s difficult to attribute them to the pros, however, nevertheless, they are definitely successful not only in their main profession but also in gambling.

If you are wondering who are these famous people, whose star shines equally brightly, both in the casino and the world of actors, now we will tell you more about them.

1. Ben Affleck

Counting cards in blackjack is a very difficult task, but the world-famous actor and star of films “Argo” and “Pearl Harbor” Ben Affleck took the time to master this gambler profession. Unfortunately, the only thing Affleck could not handle is the attention of the casino administration, caused by his big winnings. In the end, this led to the fact that in Hard Rock Casino he was denied access to the tables with blackjack.

2. Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, the star of such Hollywood films as Spider-Man and the Great Gatsby, is rumored to have won $ 40 million in private games with other celebrities and businessmen. Maguire managed to win such a huge amount of money due to his skills, as well as the right choice of rivals. Recall that according to the book Molly’s Game, participants of the already legendary Hollywood poker games were such celebrities as Maguire, Affleck, Alex Rodriguez, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

3. Jennifer Tilly

This star of the comic thriller “The Bride of Chuckies” discovered poker in the distant 2005, and she immediately managed to bring one of the tournaments of the World Series of Poker. After this victory, Tilly became a participant in numerous television cash games, major tournaments, online games onĀ betsafe and closed games. Over the years, her love for poker has only gotten stronger, as evidenced by her beloved Phil Laak, a professional poker player with whom she often plays cash games at the same table.

4. Derren Brown

Derren Brown, an English magicianĀ and illusionist is as good at gambling as in hypnosis. Naturally, Brown played casino not at the expense of hypnotizing dealers, but due to the old expensive counting of cards. Brown and his team began to use this method of blackjack so successfully that in 2013, British casinos began to prohibit them from playing blackjack at their tables, and Broadway Plaza Casino made him a persona non grata.

Bonus: Paris Hilton

Who would not talk about the infamous secular lioness Paris Hilton, but here with blackjack it is clearly on a short leg. So, in 2012, she won $ 30,000 at the Wynn Las Vegas casino, and in 2014 – $ 50,000 at Harrah’s.

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