Chamoli – Beautiful town of Uttarakhand

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There are ample tourist spots in the State of Uttarakhand. Chamoli is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas of the state, and you can enjoy the natural beauty of this town during your vacation. It is situated at the height of 1300 m above the sea level, and you will notice that the weather is very cool even during the hot summer season. It is for this reason that many tourists come to this place and enjoy their stay for a long duration in the beautiful guest houses of the town. It is also very close to the nearby popular tourist destinations, and you can easily get to see a lot of pilgrims passing through this town as there are also numerous pilgrim places in the surroundings of this beautiful destination.

Temple of Chamola Nath:

The Chamolanath temple is known for its place as it is situated on top of the hill, and many people come here to get the blessings of Chamolanath. You can get the complete view of the city from this place. It is also the ideal place if you are interested in photography as you can get a good panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges from this location. You can visit the place along with your friends and family members and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding place. As the weather in this region is very good throughout the year, you can plan your vacation during the summer months to get relief from the hot sun.

It is believed that the place got its name from God ChamolaNath. The interesting story about the place says that the idols of the deity were found in a natural way under the ground. The temple itself is built in a unique hexagonal shape, and it is situated in the vicinity of Chamoli Block Development Office. Local people believe that getting the blessings of this God will give good health and wealth for their family. For this reason, you can see many pilgrims coming to this region along with their family members to seek the blessings of God Chamolanath.

You can easily reach the place by hiring the local autos and taxis from the city. It is also possible to reach the place from other cities in Uttarakhand.

Gopinath Temple:

This is another beautiful temple situated in this region which is also known as the center of faith among the people here. The temple was constructed by Raja Saggar and dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the king saw a cow giving milk to the Shiva Linga on a daily basis and he decided to construct the temple at this location.

The entire town of Gopeshwar is very scenic, and you can also get the view of Chamoli region from this place. It is also a good idea to visit the Vaitarni Kund at this place that lies close to the Himalayan range of mountains. Many people also come to this place to enjoy trekking to the Rudranath Temple that lies 5 km away from the town.

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