Choosing the Best Buyer When Selling Your Business in Calgary

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When you advertise your business for sale, Calgary will produce a multitude of buyers who will want to cash in on it. It goes without saying that you will want the most suitable person from this crop of prospective buyers. Getting the perfect owner to match the new business is not a simple task and will require a lot of time and effort. However once you have already planned adequately for it you should get the most desirable results.

You can find probable purchasers anywhere; they could be your own customers or employees or you can find them by advertising your offer in the business for sale Calgary listings on various online platforms where businesses are for sale . These buyers can be considered to be either strategic buyers or financial buyers. The difference between the two lies in their reason for being interested in your business. The strategic buyer is more concerned about how your business aligns with the goals that they have for their business. A financial buyer on the other hand focuses mainly on how profitable your business will be. A strategic buyer will usually put more money into the purchase than a financial buyer. You should know which of these types of buyer will work well for you based on your vision for the business.

When choosing a buyer in Calgary, you should always consider their financial history. Buyers are usually required to provide verification of this through official documents. You can hire a broker or accountant to check into the new buyer’s financial qualifications. Additionally, before you provide any trade secrets or confidential information, it is always good to have them sign a non disclosure agreement.

You should try to figure out the prospective buyer’s motivation behind wanting to buy your business. If you are dealing with an equity group, you can compare your business to previous ones that they have acquired in order to get an idea of their interests. You can also judge their past by looking into their previous businesses to see how well they were operated and to know if they have had any financial issues or otherwise.

One thing that you must consider when getting a new buyer is how they plan to incorporate your current employees into their plans for the business. You need to know that your staff will continue to have their jobs and that they will continue to have a satisfying relationship with the new owner. It is common for sellers to come to an agreement about having a secure job for their top performing employees after the selling of the business.

You should also consider how they will fit into the culture of your company. Based on the demeanor of the prospective buyer you will be able to figure out if there will be any chemistry between them and the customers/employees. You can also get an idea of their business style. Their business style will give you an idea of how well the customers and staff will adapt to the changes. If they do not have a demeanor that is similar or one that will ease them into the business effortlessly then you might not be confident that they will continue effectively from where you left off.


Going through the prospective buyers might cause the selling process to take up to a year before you make your final decision. However this is a good thing as it means that you are looking out for the interest of those that you are leaving behind when you let go of your business. Once you are very meticulous about the sale process, this will help you get the best deal that Calgary has to offer.

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