Choosing Which Background Service Is Right For You

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What is a background check?

Employee background check , also known as employee background screening, is a process that allows you to find out more about a potential new or existing employee, regarding the employment relationship. All background checks on employees must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Criminal records are given by name, surname, and date of birth. Social Security Number (SSN) verification is part of the criminal record search but is not required for an accurate criminal background check.

Why perform a background check on employees?

Research shows that up to 40% of employee resumes may contain false or misrepresentated information, which means that the employer will not hire the person or obtain the desired talent.

Doing a background check on all future employees before starting an employment relationship with them is the right thing to do. A nominal investment at the outset can shed dividends for years by verifying that the employee, in fact, graduated as indicated, are financially responsible, have no criminal record, and actually worked for a company previously as noted in their lifetime.

Obtain consent

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA) defines a background check as a consumer report. Before an employer can obtain a consumer report for employment purposes, they must notify the person in writing and obtain written authorization from the employer. If the employer is only making inquiries (instead of processing reports) they should also request the consent of the person. The person has the option to withdraw their application if for some reason they prefer not to grant permission for the background report.

What is informed?

When a background check is requested as part of a job selection process, the state and county criminal records, SSN check, residential address history, sex offender registration, And OFAC exclusion databases, and federal criminal records may also be available depending on the scope of the authorized and requested search.

Who provides the information?

Companies that collect and sell information about where you work and live, if you comply with the payment of your accounts, and if you have been sued, arrested, or have filed for bankruptcy are called Consumer Information Agencies (CRAs, Acronym in English). If you have ever made a debit account, personal credit, insurance, or employment application, a CRA may have a file with most of the information and can offer it to authorized organizations to conduct background checks on employees .

Advanced background report

When working with a professional background check service such as e-Renter , employers can request Advanced Reports to know the person’s address history, alias names, maiden names, family, housewives, neighbors, and other related profile data With employment factors or employment status.

Full Background Report

Professional background check providers provide more extensive background reports , including a background check and a listing of past suits, lawsuits, tax liens, minimum claims, bankruptcy filings, and other pertinent data .

Frequent Background Reports

There are many cases in which it is advisable to do background checks on employment routinely and even continuously. These apply to situations where safety and other sensitive employment situations are at stake. For example:

Frequent and important levels of financial responsibility

Management of a high volume of personal or confidential data

Background research of people working with youth or children

Government Security Accreditation

For small businesses that require frequent employee background check services, prestigious companies such as e-Renter is the top rated choice in the tenant screening sector offer discounts and some other benefits, such as express customer service and extended report management.

Marketing Solutions


The processes involved in an employee background check also provide marketing applications.For example, a list of telephone numbers can be converted into a list of addresses to turn a telemarketing campaign into an advertising campaign by mail.

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