Circuit training for fat burning

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The circuit training program for burning is designed in such a way that you will do the exercises one by one without rest. Due to this, more energy is used to burn fat. The training program is suitable for both girls who have just started training in the gym, and for more experienced ones.

After you make the whole program of circular training (1 round), you need to repeat all exercises two more times, i.e. all for girls you need to do three sets of exercises shown in the video. This will ultimately empty the glycogen stores (the primary source of energy for the body) and start using fat as energy.

Girls who want to lose weight, you need to remember that proper nutrition is the most critical condition for fat burning. If you put 100% on the training, but after all the calories you have spent, you will not lose weight:

  1. The thrust of the upper block by the head – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times. Keep your back straight, do not swing back and forth. Shoulders do not pull to the ears.
  2. Leg extension in the simulator – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times. In the upper point, additionally, squeeze the muscles of the thighs.
  3. The thrust of the lower block to the belt sitting with a narrow grip – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times. Keep your back straight, do not swing back and forth. Chest forward, do not slouch.
  4. Squats on one leg (in “scissors”) – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times with each foot. The shin of the working leg is perpendicular to the floor (at the bottom point), the knee does not go beyond the sock.
  5. Extension of hands to the triceps – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times. The shoulder is parallel to the body, do not take it forward.
  6. Lifting dumbbells to the biceps with supination – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times. Supination means that you rotate your wrists.

Lifts to the press – the number of repetitions: 18-20 times. Alternately rise to the left, then to the right knee.

General rules of circit training


The number of approaches (circles) should be 4 – 6. If you are not sure of your abilities – start with 4. It makes sense to increase to 6 laps, but so that the training time is a maximum of 1.20. Further, increasing the number of circles, I do not see the point. It is better to “catch up” after training on cardiovascular equipment, who will not be enough. It is also better to warm up before each training 5 – 7 minutes on cardio. Or to jump on a skipping rope.

Do you know that the circuit training program was invented by Bill Starr. One of the most prominent bodybuilders of the last century.

The number of repetitions is 12-20. Start with 12 – 15. And every week you can add one repetition in each exercise. Weights should be such that you can make the necessary number of repeats in all circles. You do not need to chase scales to the detriment of repetitions.

It is essential not to rest between exercises, but to do them in one breath without interruption. This is the essence of the circuit methodology. Rest between each circle is about 3 – 5 minutes. Or until the pulse is restored to 110 – 120 beats per minute.

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