Common Camper Supplies That All Travelers Need

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Embarking on a camping trip requires meticulous planning due to the fact that once you are in unknown territory, or miles away from the nearest highway, you are practically on your own. If you must make do with what you have available to you, it makes sense to be prepared. Make a list of the all the camper supplies you could possibly need to carry for your camping trip. It is equally important to ensure that you load all the supplies into your camper or RV. So work from lists until you’re fully loaded and ready to go!

Getting professional help when a camping trip arises is a smart thing to do to make sure nothing is overlooked. Our company is happy to assist you to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey. We have been helping campers get their gear and necessary Camper Supplies ready for years. By allowing us to make sure that you are ready for your trip, you will have the experience and expertise to bring a rainbow of contentment to wherever you may go.

When you are away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, complete peace and quiet is what you need. You do not need to worry about what could go wrong to spoil the much-awaited adventure. To make your trip a once in a lifetime vacation, we have compiled a list of common camper supplies that we think would be appropriate for you to carry on your journey. We want to share our experience and knowledge to be able to help you.

Essential items:

#1) A First Aid Kit
You and your fellow travelers should carry your individual medications to last at least 3 to 4 days beyond the end of the trip to make sure that you will be covered in case of the unexpected. The same recommendation goes for children.

#2) Pack of matches or lighters
Lighters would be ideal if there is any chance of rain on the trip, but matches are an essential back up.

#3) Lanterns, flashlights (one with batteries), head mounted lamp sets
There are many choices such as gas, kerosene, or solar to choose from, and depending on availability and other factors like size, weight, etc. selecting the appropriate lighting is imperative.

#4) Maps and compass, if possible a couple of flares as well
While Google maps is great, if you’re out of cell range or have used up your phone data, having actual maps and emergency lighting is a necessary precaution.

#5) Extra tires and required RV spare parts
A professional’s input may be required to check the camper before leaving. Be sure to pack any extras of essential items or parts, in case there is a need to replace them along the way.

#6) Ropes, axes, knives, tents, etc.
Because there are many related and auxiliary items, make sure that they have been detailed out and selected to match your needs for your journey.

#7) Crockery and cutlery
These items should be light in weight and preferably unbreakable. Try to take the bare minimum that is necessary to allow for more storage of other necessities.

#8) Entertainment
Music, movies or board games will help ease the tension of being on the road for hours at a time. Be sure to bring something everyone can participate in or that can keep everyone entertained.

#9) Clothing
The outdoors can be very unpredictable, take raincoats, sweaters, and items you can layer with in case the temperature fluctuates.

#10) Foods, drinks, and a portable camping cooker
Stock foods to last for more time than you’re planning on traveling just in case and keep items that are non-perishable. Peanut butter is a great source of protein and a very versatile spread when needed which makes a jar of peanut butter a must carry.

Call us at 866-332-7881 and we will assist you on your next forage into the unknown.

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