Common Reasons Why Power Windows Temporarily or Permanently Stop Working

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Most drivers have been through this scenario; you put down your window just fine, only for it to stop working when it’s time to close it. This problem can be temporary or permanent. Either way, there are a few common reasons why this issue may occur. You definitely need a Chandler auto service to repair the window. Having the information helps to put your mind at ease and also ensure that you don’t pay for non-existent repairs.

Broken Components

The most notorious cause of malfunctioning windows includes broken or damaged window switch, motor or regulator. In each of these cases, there is no alternative other than to pay for Chandler auto window repair. It is tempting to diagnose and fix the problem yourself but you risk installing the wrong parts or damaging the window further. To avoid more expensive repairs, get a professional to look at your car.

Bad Weather

Windows are supposed to keep the interior safe from the elements but it doesn’t mean that they are immune to environmental factors. Snow and ice are infamous for damaging car windows. The ice attached the window to the car’s frame. The regulator mechanism is not designed to withstand the stress of breaking ice, causing it to wear or fail prematurely. Where possible, try not to use your windows in bad weather or keep your vehicle in a garage or protected area especially during a storm or heavy snow.

Overheating Motor

This is particularly common with the driver side window although it may affect other windows as well. One common sign of overheating motor is the window working intermittently or appearing to ‘fix itself’. This may be caused by regular wear and tear especially of the driver side window. The auto repair man typically has to take the door apart to check and fix the wringing and motor.

Window Cables and Regulator Disconnect

The window cables separating or coming loose from the regulator is one of the most common causes of damaged windows. A common sign of this specific problem is a grinding or crunching noise when attempting to operate the window. The noise is as a result of the cable not winding as it should.

In any of these cases, it is important that a certified car technician fix the problem to avoid further damage. In case of a cracked window or windshield, you may avoid replacing it and instead get Chandler auto glass repair depending on the size and location of the crack.

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