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From the list of types of car drivers we published months ago, there is one in particular that becomes the ideal reference for efficient driving. These are the defensive drivers, those people who are behind the wheel and who know very well what they do, always staying in their area.

Driving well is not only synonymous with skill, but also with road obedience. There are those who tend to boast of their driving skills ( exhibitionist drivers ), exaggerating their demonstrations and implying a constant risk for the other vehicles around them.

Below you will find some of the basic characteristics of the defensive drivers, obtained from the web portal AutoRed .

Characteristics of Defensive Conductors

Defensive drivers usually combine two primary aspects: fitness and attitude.

The skills are the skills of the driver in the steering wheel, the same that must be precise in his maneuvers and be quick reflexes. Attitudes, on the other hand, are related to the behavior of the driver in traffic, always seeking road safety.

As already mentioned, there are drivers who despite having privileged driving skills become drivers of high risk to the community due to their overconfidence that underestimates the danger. However, there are also others who – on the contrary – are careful about safety, but they are not very good at driving, causing slow driving areas or errors when performing actions.

The defensive driver maintains the following driving techniques:

  1. Explore the potential dangers that traffic can offer in the next few moments, without being surprised by situations that can easily be predicted.
  2. Plan what would be the evasive maneuver in the event that a dangerous situation, such as braking, changing lanes or speeding up.
  3. Act assertively and at the right time.

That’s why a defensive driver retains a positive position in the road community, as he not only drives with skill, but also knows how to think about what he needs to do to avoid accidents.

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